The Sunday Salon: Lazy Me


Any Sunday that starts off with a hot cup of coffee and a stack of gluten-free pancakes can’t be bad, right?

It was long week, made longer by a conference I had to attend for work. Plus we had all of our dental appointments this week which is never fun and joy of joys…I get to go back with The Girl TWICE at the end of the month because the work that she needs can’t be done in one sitting.

On the reading front, I finished four books one of which was really, really good (The Fault in Our Stars). I was blabbing about it on Facebook and seriously, if you are wandering around looking for a special book to read, pick it up.

Next up for me, review writing and coming up with a summer reading list. A lot of you have been sharing your lists so far and I am so jealous! I love a good list! My lists are never light for summer but they are fun to make anyway.

Sunday Salon

Today I plan to just hang around and read. I am reading The Starboard Sea which I am liking very much. I also may try to watch Contagion as I have had it from Netflix for far too long. Other than that, maybe a trip to the mall. Maybe.

What are you doing today?

29 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Lazy Me”

  1. I’m in Maryland visiting my family, and having the most awful internet access ever! So it’s a treat to find a place to have a moment to check the reader, which has 8 gazillion new things on it. But I’m reading a lot!

  2. Yum to coffee and pancakes! I want to read Fault of our Stars, sounds like the whole world is reading it! And I loved Contagion!

    1. I never got to watch Contagion. It’s hard because I can’t watch it with The Girl around. I may have to bring it to work so I can watch it here.

  3. I liked The Starboard Sea a lot. Haven’t gotten to The Fault in Our Stars yet, but it’s moving closer to the top of the TBR list every time someone mentions it, which is often!

    1. I had hoped to finish Starboard Sea last night but my brain petered out. I have about 15% left on my Kindle. Hopefully I can knock that out while at lunch today.

  4. Sounds good! I am mostly gluten free now, if I could increase my food intake I would cut out the english muffin…. seriously… about 500 calories/day for three weeks now. I think it’s stress….

    I had the most amazing day today. walking 13 miles on the trails. a nap, now I’m sitting on the deck. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    1. Wow! 13 miles is awesome! I just got back from the gym a little bit ago and was thinking I may need to bump up the routine. It’s too easy now.

  5. I ran out of creamer this morning so no hot coffee to start my day! Boo hoo. I did get groceries, laundry done, and mowed the lawn today so overall it was a great day!

    1. I have plenty of creamer but not the kind I like so I am sort of in the same boat this morning. How are you feeling today? Did the meds kick in yet?

    1. I got stepped away without cavities but The Girl has two cavities between 4 teeth so all 4 teeth need to be worked on and they won’t do it in one sitting so I have to break it into two. PLUS, she is hysterical so she always needs a Happy Nose which means that I have to pay for two of them since there will be two visits. I hate dental stuff. I just found out too that my son’s oral surgery wasn’t covered because they considered it to be cosmetic. Hello! His molar never came in and had to be manually lifted. Not cosmetic. If it didn’t come up, he would have needed a bridge anyway!

  6. 4 books in a week? Whoa!
    I planned to get a lot of work done yesterday.. housework as well as work on my new blogs, but a bunch of novels I had ordered online were delivered on saturday evening, so I ended up doing nothing but staying in bed and reading 🙂

    1. Book deliveries are the best. I read a lot but it takes me forever to write about the books these days. Part of the problem is my MacBook at home. I dropped it and it’s been acting up ever since.

  7. Yesterday was as lazy as a Sunday gets for me. I actually finished Gone Girl and it made my head explode. Holy crap. And yes, TFIOS is such an amazing, special book. It will no doubt be on many top lists at the end of 2012.

  8. Sounds like the perfect Sunday, Ti! Fault of Our Stars is getting so many positive reviews. I really enjoyed the one John Green book I’ve read and definitely want to read more by him. Just not sure when.

    You’ve reminded me I need to call and set up an appointment with the dentist. Great fun. :-S

    I hope you have a great week! I’m in meetings most of the week and have an all day training tomorrow (that has nothing to do with what I do–not sure how I got suckered into this one). I am looking forward to the weekend already!

    1. Making time for the dentist sucks but if you don’t you end up spending even more time there. LOL. Funny how that works.

  9. I would love that recipe for gluten free pancakes, Ti! I am slowly going gluten free for my husband’s diet, and that is something that we could enjoy together. Also, I hate the dentist, and just made the whole family go in for cleaning and fillings and whatnot. It wasn’t fun.

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