2012 Tournament of Books

2012 Tournament of Books

The list for the 2012 Tournament of Books was just announced on Facebook, although as I type this, I see that their web page has not been updated as of yet.

Anyway, take a look at this list! These books will be dueling it out for the win. I am reading four of them now (good timing on my part) and the rest of them, with the exception of a few, were already on my “want” list.

The 16 Books That Will Compete in the Eighth Annual Battle Royale

To see the full announcement, including the names of the judges, check out this post.

Which ones do you plan to read?

*Books I’ve read or that I am reading now.


22 thoughts on “2012 Tournament of Books”

  1. How have I not heard of the tournament of books?? LOL. A lot of those are on my list… I just passed on a review copy of Open City but maybe I should go back to that? Of course, it would take me forever to get around to all those!!

    1. I am not promising to read all of them. I typically never do, but there are some on there that I do plan to read this year. So many of them sound good.

  2. I’ve got a couple of these I plan on reading: The State of Wonder, Swamplandia, IQ84, The Tiger’s Wife, The Marriage Plot, and The Sense of an Ending. Some of the others I haven’t heard of but I’m going to check them out.

    1. State of Wonder really didn’t interest me before, but I just finished Lost City of Z, about a failed expedition in the Amazon, and now it appeals to me more.

  3. This is a PHENOMENAL list! I have many of them on my wish list too, and a few of them are sitting there begging for my attention. This is very exciting!

  4. I am enjoying 1Q84 right now and have only The Marriage Plot on my tbr. Not interested in State of Wonder for some odd reason. Maybe Swamplandia, maybe.

    1. I am having a hard time getting into The Art of Fielding. I’ve been reading it forever.I am liking The Marriage Plot (quite a bit) as well as The Stranger’s Child (more than I thought I would). Salvage the Bones is a tough read. Easing into it. I loved 1Q84. So different. Enjoy it!

  5. I’ve already read 8 of them, which made me really happy. I’m hoping to squeeze in the other 8 before the tournament begins!

    1. Yes! You’ve read so many of them. It’s an amazing list. Sometimes I don’t get the titles that end up on it, but this time, I agree.

  6. Oh cool. I’d like to read Swamplandia, The Marriage Plot, The Art of Fielding and The Sense of An Ending — and perhaps 19Q4. OF course, that would require me to purchase some of these books…

  7. I read a few of these, and am set to read a few more before the tournament begins, so I will at least have some idea of what’s going on! The only one I didn’t really like was Salvage the Bones. Too much animal cruelty in that one.

    1. I am reading Salvage now but in tiny bits. Usually there are always a few books on the list that I absolutely won’t read, but this list is a pretty good one. I’d read anything on it, really.

  8. That list looks fabulous! There are many in there that I want to read, so maybe I should try and make the time/space to read them! I’ve only read State of Wonder, so that list is like a wishlist for me.

  9. Ti,

    If you or your readers are interested, I am holding an “unofficial TOB 2012” contest. Entrants predict who will win each match. I award points for correct predictions, the most points wins. The prize is two books. Details are here:


    So far, my favorites are: The Sense of an Ending, The Last Brother, and The Sisters Brothers, with Barnes’s work well out in front. I am looking forward to Open City, The Tiger’s Wife, Salvage the Bones, and The Art of Fielding. State of Wonder has me interested, but I have not been bowled over. Green Girl never fulfilled its promise. Finally, while some readers like The Devil All the Time, I would recommend giving it a pass.

    I hope you enjoy the Tournament and, if you choose to check in, good luck in my unofficial contest.


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