The Sunday Salon: The Sun Has Come Out

Sunday Salon

On Friday, all were well.

On Saturday, The Boy and The Hub got sick. Very sick. Well, head cold sick, but they were difficult and not willing to take medication. After much arguing, they relented.It was actually not a bad day to be sick. It got really cloudy and we had flash flood warnings. I took The Girl to a birthday party and got a massive headache from the piped-in music, but she had fun and her friend’s family is always super nice.

Today, I had more errands to run. If it were just me, I could seriously live on very little but with the kids and hub, I find myself going to the market, or Target or someplace else at least a few times a week. Today, The Girl has another party to go to. I am hoping The Hub is better (he seems much better) so he can take her. I am hoping to do a bit of reading later.

I have been missing meatloaf. I have this awesome meatloaf I make but because it calls for breadcrumbs and I am gluten intolerant, I’ve not had it. At Sprouts the other day though, I picked up gluten-free breadcrumbs. Sometimes I miss the most obvious things. Of course there would be gluten-free breadcrumbs! So I made the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and fresh peas for dinner. It’s all cooked and everything so right after the party…that’s what we’ll have.

My house is a bit of disaster since the two were lounging around so I will spend the next 30 minutes tidying up, and then I hope to lounge around a bit myself. What do you have planned?


14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Sun Has Come Out”

  1. Don’t you wish week ends were longer…I am all for a 4 day work week…or maybe 3…

    Now you made me hungry for meatloaf…I love food that you can add catsup to…yum…

  2. Not doing anything this week end…watching it rain while the sun shines and putting my Kindle books into genre collections…a brilliant idea that I thought of far too late…

  3. My daughter had the crud last week, and if she isn’t happy, nobody is happy. We just got home after noon today, so I’m attempting to get my act together…laundry, bills, homework help. In a few minutes I think I’m going to ATTEMPT to hide in the corner and read a little bit.

  4. My husband has been sick with a cold too and it is frustrating that he seems to prefer groaning to taking some medication to feel better 🙂

    Meatloaf sounds great! I am in sort of a dinner rut so that would be a good one to make again. Would you mind sharing your recipe?

  5. My family has been dealing with colds this past week also. It’s always harder for the boys though…we girls/moms have to keep on going even when we’re sick! Hoping that they’re better and nobody else gets sick. My son had wheat allergies and to other grains as well and I used gluten free breadcrumbs and they were very good. Enjoy your meatloaf and hopefully you get some time to yourself today!

  6. I always find that when the hubby is sick he’s worse than any two-year old who spits out their liquid Tylenol!! 😀

    I did the grocery shopping, laundry, made dinner, read a bit, played with Lily and my new puppy Daisy, and just enjoyed this gorgeous day!!

    Hope everyone is on the mend and no one else succumbs to the head cold later this week!!

  7. Isn’t it funny how different boys are from girls when they are sick? I hope that everyone is feeling well soon over there, and am intrigued by your mention of gluten free bread crumbs. I have been thinking about trying gluten free cooking to help with my husband’s fibromyalgia, but am scared to get started!

    1. I’ve been gluten-free for about 4 months now and it’s been a lot of trial and error. I still get glutenized by well-meaning restaurants who do not realize that cross-contamination is also bad.

      The gluten-free crumbs were corn and rice based, but I ended up using gluten-free crackers that were crushed up. Cheaper.

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