The Sunday Salon: The Grouch is In

Sunday Salon

This will be short as I am in a terrible mood this weekend. So terrible, that I don’t want to taint anyone’s good vibe with it so I will just make light of it.

It’s 106 degrees and I had to run errands. Errands are usually not fun anyway, but doing them when it’s 106 outside and you are already grouchy, is really a recipe for disaster. Really.

Don’t shop hungry. I skipped breakfast and had a triple shot Iced Espresso and then went to the market. I bought the entire store and then forgot that my second fridge is on the fritz. This meant that I had to cook everything and then put stuff in the freezer for the week. I was not planning on cooking my entire afternoon away so this was not good.

During this cooking frenzy, the Boy, Girl and Hub all asked for a sandwich. Wha?? Do you not see what I have going on here??

The power keeps going out.

In a perfect world, I would escape to my room and read Annabel but it’s not a perfect world so I will be packing school bags for tomorrow.

Later, we are supposed to go to a friend’s for swimming and relaxation. I sure hope the relaxation happens. I need it bad. Especially since the university starts classes tomorrow which translates to busy, busy, busy.

Hope all of you on the East coast are doing okay. I have been tracking you all via Facebook and so far, I think most of you are doing well.


20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Grouch is In”

  1. Hope that relaxation did what you needed it to do! I did the same thing at the grocery store on Friday myself. I spent more than I have ever spent before (even when there were five of us instead of four). Think some of that is just that prices have really gone up. But then, to host a party last night, I ended up going back to the store yesterday. I got pretty cranky myself at that point!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I hate it when I get in a funk and no, the heat never helps! You should find some time to come up to SF. It’s been nice and cool here all summer. I’ll trade you the heat and you can have the cool!

  3. What is with this heat?! It’s ridiculous… I tend to get irritable in this kind of weather too (& I’m sure cooking made it even hotter). Hope tomorrow’s better and that this week is cooler!

  4. Oh no! This does sound like a very bad day! I don’t like grocery shopping period, so if I had to go to the store, and then come home and cook all the food, I would have been very angry. It sounds like you need a day off soon!

  5. That sounds too hot for even me Ti! And then having to cook all that stuff when it is so hot out…YUK! I hope you had a great relaxing day at the pool anyway.

  6. I hope you are feeling better today, Ti! I hate when I feel so out of sorts and grouchy and then the day gets even worse. Blech! I’ve been there and I feel for you and commiserate with you :o) I hope you were able to relax yesterday afternoon at the pool, put your feet up, have a drink…whatever works for you.

    It’s amazing how children and husbands seem the least able to function at the times mom needs to be left alone. And it doesn’t even occur to them that might be the case. So how indispensable you are?!

    I hope your week isn’t too bad although with school about to begin There’s no way you won’t be busy. Take a deep breath, dod what you have to do…and then lock yourself away somewhere for an hour tonight and enjoy a good book! lol

    Hang in there!!

    1. The time at the pool helped but let’s face it, the stiff margaritas she made helped more! Haha! I came home in a much better mood and then played with the pup. Even when I am grouchy that pup loves me. Sigh.

  7. oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your terrible day but I hope it was better with time at the pool.

    Annabel looks creepy! It is YA?

    We are surviving from Irene. Can’t complain since we didn’t lose any trees (no property damage). We are still without power, camping out in a hotel 5 miles from home.

    No power and laptop issues did give me time to relax and read. Just want I needed.

    I’m starting a new class in September to, what are you taking?

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