The Sunday Salon: 105 Degrees is not Fall!

The Girl in Pink Mask

My body is telling me it’s time for Halloween, Pumpkin Lattes, spice-scented candles and cool, breezy afternoons but instead, good ole Mother Nature is blasting us with 105 degree heat! It’s like an inferno out there!! But, that didn’t stop us from checking out all of the Halloween stores. Gosh, there are so many of them this year. Do you think it’s a sign that the economy is finally turning around? I swear, there is a store on every corner this year.

The Girl in Mask #2

I love masks, but I can’t wear them over my glasses. Aren’t these pretty? I could wear them and stumble around blind as a bat but as entertaining as that might be to watch, it probably wouldn’t be all that much fun for me.

In other news, the Girl has lost quite a few teeth recently. Thank goodness because picture day had her with two horribly twisted “snaggle” teeth. I can’t wait to see how the pics turned out. I thought about having her skip them but these are memories after all. Right?

The Boy in Hideous Mask

The Boy is going to be a scarecrow, a horrible disfigured one but the mask hasn’t come yet so he tried this one on for fun. Isn’t it horrible? I am thinking Stephen King’s IT.

The Hub

The Hub just HAD to get in on the fun. I hate these masks the most. They show just enough eye detail to really freak you out. I had a mask on at one point too but The Hub cut my head off in the pic. He is always doing that so no, I do not have a photo of me in a mask.

Sunday Salon Button

However, another blogger did scare me quite a bit when she suggested that I read A Suitable Boy with her. It’s nearly 1500 pages long. What’s even more scary is that I just may do it. However, I went to the bookstore yesterday and they only had one copy and it was all tattered and torn. It’s not available for my Kindle either so I may need to order it.

A Suitable Boy Book Cover

I am off to a BBQ and for some time by the pool, but to be honest with you, I can’t stand it when it’s this hot. I would be just as happy staying in my nice, cool house with a book in my lap. What am I reading? Well, I just started Wolf Hall. Wish me luck!

24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: 105 Degrees is not Fall!”

  1. I do love to end my Sunday’s with your Sunday Salon…it is a nice wrap up or wind down…I need to come up with an idea of my own to wrap up the week…everyone looks yummy in their masks…have fun…

    I love all the Halloween get ups, but we don’t get trick or treaters at our condo complex as it is mostly adults here.

    We had a hot week as well, but today it was in the low 70’s thank goodness.

    Have a great week.

  3. I read A Suitable Boy years ago – as I recall, it took weeks. I liked it, though, and didn’t end up begrudging the time. It was long before blogs were invented, though (and when my daily commute was only 20-30 minutes each way) – it’s hard to imagine undertaking it now!

    And yeah, wasn’t it supposed to be the first day of fall last week? We had an unusually cool summer…and now we get triple-digit heat a month before Halloween. I don’t think I’ll ever understand California weather.

  4. I read A Suitable Boy over the course of 3 or 4 years. Every year I went on my week or two-week long canoe trips, I would haul A Suitable Boy with me. That was before the days of e-readers.

    I remember wanting to come back to the novel, but not being addicted to it. Like it was okay to go a year without reading it but I wasn’t putting it in my “I’m never going to finish you” pile. I’d like to re-read it one day, but in a more conventional way, say over the course of a few weeks?

  5. Don’t be intimidated by A Suitable Boy! I read it a few summers ago (before blogging) and loved it. It really didn’t seem like it was 1500 pages long.

    1. I did hear from some folks that The Passage was a bit slow in places but I didn’t notice it myself. Honestly, I can’t say the length of that one bothered me at all. We’ll see if I can say the same of A Suitable Boy which is almost twice the length of The Passage.

  6. You are right … 105 degrees is NOT fall. That is just wrong.

    Love the girl’s mask. The other ones will haunt me in my dreams tonight.

    And if you take on “A Suitable Boy,” hats off to you. That is ONE BIG BOOK!

  7. I am loving every minute of the hot weather but I do believe that I am the only one:)

    And no, the economy is not coming back even though there is a store on every corner. LOL!

  8. we are also in the throes of a heatwave out here on the east coast. ant and i went to vermont for an anniversary getaway with visions of roaring fires and mulled cider only to find ourselves sweating to death and blasting the AC to keep cool.

    as for the 1500 page book–that screams WINTER to me. i can’t abide by long books when the weather is warm. 🙂

    ps. love the michael myers mask. my hubby is a huge fan.

  9. 1500 pages is intimidating! But then I’m not one to talk because I’m reading Musashi for Jenners’ readalong and it’s almost 1000 pages. Thank goodness it’s an easy read so far! I hope yours is just as fun if you do decide to read it!

  10. The longest book I have read was around the 800 page mark, while on a family vacation. I just read the synopsis and I would be interested in reading along with you (I love books set in India and the story/plot sound interesting). Too bad the audio is abridged (only 5 hours long), I listened to some of Anna this year – I didn’t have time to sit and read during the move and felt the audio was a good option to help me.

    Masks: Love the masks, our son loved wearing the scary masks. Brings a smile to my face to remember these times. I met a neighbor this morning walking the puppy and it sounds like Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood which is great news (our closed neighbor is a block away. So glad to see your family had a fun time shopping (memories).

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Cool!! Jill from Rhapsody in Books is reading it with me. We are starting the 2nd week of November. I will send a schedule but it’s very informal. No pressure to post weekly updates, just bloggers reading and talking about the book. I had to order the book since it’s a brick and the bookstore only had one, beat-up copy. No e-book for it either. Grrr.

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