Let the Vacation from the Vacation Begin

Yosemite 2010

We just got back from vacation. We were supposed to spend a week in Yosemite, but we ran into a few problems:

Our first night there, we had to change rooms at midnight because the entire building was taken up by this one family and they were out and about and partying in the meadow, beating conga drums, kids running all over hell…I was not happy! This is Yosemite people!! Peace and quiet is what it’s all about…not your freakin’ conga playing. We called the front office and there was one other room available about two buildings over, so we packed up everything and changed rooms.

It was unusually warm and our room had no AC. None of the rooms in Yosemite have AC. The National Park does not allow it. This meant that our room was 94 degrees, as measured by the thermostat. NOT comfortable. We’ve been to Yosemite in the summer before and never had a problem with the heat. We couldn’t open the windows because they didn’t have screens and the bugs were HUGE. I don’t think I could have been more depressed after that first night there.

We used DEET-free bug spray and were we all eaten alive by the mosquitoes on our first day there. Then, because I have so many allergy issues anyway, I had an allergic reaction to the bites so I was swollen all over. From there on out, we used the fully-leaded DEET-filled spray but the damage was done.

E & E Yosemite Falls

We stayed for three days but I was so swollen and hot, that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I fired-up the laptop, found me a hotspot and booked us a room in San Francisco!

Pier 39 San Francisco

San Francisco was gorgeous!! It was about 70 degrees and our cheapie Comfort Inn room was actually quite nice and in a perfect location. We hit all the sights and had a blast!! We dined on chowda, seafood and I even got my Vietnamese noodle fix. We had a great time. As you know from my 100 things post, I am a huge planner so making these last minute plans is so not me, but I am so glad I did. I would have been miserable if we had stayed in Yosemite.

Book Passage

I managed find a bookstore too. This is Book Passage, located at the end of the Ferry building. I knew of the store from Facebook, so it was neat to visit it in person.

E at Book Passage

I didn’t buy anything though since I had just loaded up my Kindle. The Girl was working me for a puppet though. A puppet!! She’s surrounded by those luscious books and a puppet is what catches her eye. I said, “No,” in case you’re interested.

Book Passage - The Bestseller's Table

Because of all the chaos at the beginning of the vacation, I didn’t get to read more than a few chapters. Once in Frisco, I didn’t get to read at all because we were zipping all over town and never had any down time.

After many vacations I’ve learned that a few days after a vacation, can really make a difference so I asked for some additional days off.  Sort of a “vacation from the vacation.” This way, I can put things back in order, upload the pics, do a little reading and ease back into my week. There’s nothing worse than having to go back to work right after a vacation. I shudder at the thought of it.

So…I haven’t been around too much but hopefully I’ll make-up for that over the next couple of days. Hope you all had a good week and thank you for all the comments to my 100 things post. I tried to respond to as many of them as I could (from my phone), but I wasn’t always successful.

It feels good to be home! I will post the rest of the photos on Facebook for those that are interested.

35 thoughts on “Let the Vacation from the Vacation Begin”

  1. we were staying at a beautiful resort in the upper up of wi…gorgeous lake, deer, eagles, even a bear siting…..next to us the same thing…partying till all hours, yelling, doors slamming after midnight…management wouldn’tdo anything because “we are all paying guests”……don’t understand why you would go to a place like that or yosemote if you want to party!

    1. My son, who is 12 this week, actually went out there and said something to the kids. He was just so irritated with their screaming. They actually stopped for about twenty minutes but then we heard the conga drum and the campfires began. Our room overlooked a gorgeous meadow but they just used it for their little rage party. Made me ill!

  2. Ti, I feel your pain. We were once at a hotel in Dallas, attending the wedding of my husband’s cousin, and found we had this family of incredibly annoying people across the hall. Kids shouting and out of control, doors slamming, people in and out until in the wee hours. Later we found that they were related to us. Another cousin and his family. My husband was mega-annoyed with them and let them know the next day. LOL Wish you could have told off your inconsiderate people!

    Glad that SF was great for you and I’m the cooler temps helped a lot. Nothing worse than being hot, itchy, and swollen. I’ve been there, done that!

    Very smart to take a few more days. I always plan that way as well. At least a day for settling back in, doing the wash, sorting through the mail. Just home relaxing a bit. I enjoyed your 100 things, by the way, but didn’t comment. You take care and relax and read!

    1. Well ain’t that a kick in the pants? Your own family no less! Glad your hub said something to them. People should not be allowed to behave that way in a public place.

      We saw this family again at breakfast and the kids were like animals at the trough. The mother looked like she needed a vacation and the dad looked like he was sporting a major hangover. I was sort of happy about it. LOL.

  3. It has been HOT! We were in Boulder last week and it hit 100 (which is unheard of for that region). The friends we stay with don’t like to use the air conditioner so you can imagine how nice it was to return home last night.

    It sounds like you ended up having a great week and good for you for making an executive decision to change locations.

    Sorry to hear about the bug bites – hope you have recovered.

    1. 100 degrees in Boulder?? That’s unheard of! It’s nice to be able to stay with friends, but when they don’t share the same ideas on when to use the AC, then things can be a bit touchy. Whenever we visit my Father in Law in Palm Springs, he sets the thermostat at 85. Good lord! Why even turn it on?

      When we got home from Frisco, it was 108 here. Quite a shock to my system but I was glad to be home.

  4. I didn’t realize you were going to SF afterwards – at least you got some good scenery in Yosemite and then some great weather in SF! I love the Ferry Building – I could spend all day in there! Your son looks so grown up!!! Scary, I bet!!!

    1. Trust me, Frisco was not in the mix originally but I could not stand that heat. Monday night I was practically in tears, I was so miserable.

  5. We’ve only had to make a mid-vacation adjustment once… and I know how hard that can be for a planner (like me!). It saved our vacation though – glad it worked out for you, too!

  6. Those post-vacation vacations should be built in to every vacation! There’s nothing worse than returning to work and knowing there is still chaos at home.

  7. Ti,
    OMG! I’m sorry about that first leg of your vacay – sounds awful! I’m just glad you were able to save it with the trip to San Fran. That second half of your vacay sounds like such a fun trip! How cool that you were able to check out that bookshop that you saw on FB! And I think you are a smartie for taking some post-vacay days off, because they are most certainly needed so that you can get everything back in order. Loved the pics!

    By the by, I mean to ask if you watched the finales of The Hills and The City? What did you think of that ending with the soundstage? And how crazy was it to see Whitney considering leaving Kelly Cutrone?

    1. I haven’t been keeping up with The City but I am almost caught up with The Hills. Maybe I can catch the rest of the episodes today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know my thoughts after I see it.

  8. That’s insane that others would act like that in a national park!! San Fran sounds wonderful though, and I’m glad that you all enjoyed the time there. Now decompress before work!

  9. I can’t believe you had to leave one vacation spot and pick a totally different thing to do! How did the kids react to that? I think Kiddo would have had a meltdown – he doesn’t react well to unexpected changes in plans …

    But it looks like you had a great trip anyway. San Fransisco is a wonderful city to tour around in!

    1. My daughter was upset at first. She didn’t even know what Frisco was but I brought it up on the laptop and showed her what we could be doing instead. She warmed up to the idea after that. The Boy and Hub were just as miserable as I was. We debated if we should just head home and call it a week but we work too hard for our vacation to be spoiled like that so we took a chance. That Comfort Inn room was the only one available and we lucked out. It was perfect.

  10. We go camping with the extended family a lot, but fortunately we manage to not be wild. Kids can be loud, but mostly it’s the small ones who can’t control themselves, like say, the BUG. I’ve been saving your 100 things til I can comment. I figure that’ll be sometime in November.

    1. Looking at the photos now, I would have to agree with you. I am halfway through with The Inn at Lake Devine and loving every minute of it. See? I knew you had good taste in books.


  11. Wow, that sucks. We actually rented a house down on the southern end of Yosemite, which did have AC! And peace and quiet! The only downside was we had a bit of driving to do each day, but whatever. We found the valley to be pretty obnoxiously over-crowded and much hotter than the rest of the park. But SF is not a bad consolation prize! I am a planner too, so I can give you a sincere high five over the last minute change of plans. I don’t do that very well. Now go do laundry and read!

  12. I hate it when things like that happen on vacation, but it sounds like you managed to make the best of it with your quick thinking. I’m sure San Francisco was much cooler! 🙂

    Hope you get a lot of relaxation time on your vacation from the vacation!

  13. My in-laws have a cabin not far north of Yosemite, and my husband hates going up there any later than the end of June because it gets so hot. My sister and her family are in San Francisco this week. She lived there for seven years and she hates hot weather, so she was really looking forward to it :-). I think you made a great choice to rescue your vacation!

    I usually plan an extra day or two off after coming back from a vacation trip too. I got more than usual this time, though, thanks to dislocating my shoulder the day we got home!

    Welcome back :-).

  14. Oh no, Ti — that stinks that the beginning of your trip was so bad. So glad you decided to go to SF instead. I was in SF this weekend too! There Friday night, left for Napa Saturday and then flew out of SF on Sunday (am in Chicago now).

    Enjoy your vacation from your vacation. BTW… what books did you just load up your Kindle with… just curious. Sorry if someone asked already, I haven’t gotten a chance to read all of the comments above.

    1. Re: My Kindle

      I added:

      The Lacuna by Kingsolver Invisible by Paul Auster Women, Food and God by…? Can’t remember her name,.

      I didn’t start any of them though.


  15. Yuck … that sounds awful. I’m glad you were able to switch gears and salvage some of your vacation. And I know what you mean about needing a vacation from your vacation. Welcome back.

  16. welcome back! i totally feel your pain on the a/c-free national parks. my hubby and i spent a miserable 2 nights in yellowstone a few summers ago. it was a heatwave like no other. a few days later we drove into san francisco and it was such a relief!

    glad you managed to salvage the trip!

  17. I’ve heard from several colleagues that SF was absolute heaven last week–perfect temps and perfect weather all round. I’ve never been to Yosemite, but I think I would go in the off-season, though with kids in school that’s almost impossible.

    I’m with you when it comes to not going back to work as soon as you get back. I need time to readjust to home.

    BTW, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog for details: http://janegs.blogspot.com/2010/07/versatile-blogger-award.html

  18. Ti, so glad you were able to salvage the vacation. No ac in the heat along with the neanderthals playing congo drums does not sound like what I would expect at Yosemite either! SF looks so much more enjoyable!

    1. After my husband checked out the idiot playing the drums, he came back in the room and said, “Holy crap! It’s like Woodstock out there!” LOL.

  19. Yosemite is a favorite of ours..but ugh…heat and noise…well that is just not part of the package. SF….nice to have cool temps for you there! Great pics!

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