The Sunday Salon: So Fond of my Fondue Pot (not)

The weekend is coming to a close. Where did it go?

Yesterday we hit a Dodger game. I haven’t been to one in YEARS. I bet I know why. A family of four, plus food and drinks and parking came to a whopping $240. Going to the game should not cost that much. I’m sorry. BUT, it was my daughter’s first time going, and she was very excited.

At the Dodger Game

Today I’ve been in a cleaning frenzy.

  • I cleaned out the garage and organized all the shelving.
  • I re-organized the kitchen cupboards.
  • I bought new dishes and glasses to put in the newly organized cupboards.
  • I had to go back to the store to return one set as there were some broken cups, but all is replaced now.
  • I cleaned out the fridge including all of the produce drawers.
  • I re-organized my craft table.

While cleaning the garage I found a long-lost gift. An electric fondue pot! It was brand-new. Well unused, but three years new so we had fondue for dinner but guess what? Just when I was envisioning fondue parties with all of my neighbors, the damn thing short-circuited and caused a tiny electrical fire. I was goofing around on Facebook when it happened but thankfully I was close enough to catch it before it burned the kitchen down. The cheese was fine so we still had dinner (my priorities are twisted I know) but the rest is now resting peacefully in the trash.

In case you are wondering, we do have smoke alarms but I disabled the one in the kitchen because it was going off all the time. Not that I burn things often but steam or any rise in temp (like the oven door opening) caused it to go off so I moved it to another location on the same floor.

On the reading front:

  • I just started The Passage by Justin Cronin. I have high hopes for this one.
  • I just wrote up my review of Legend of a Suicide. Interesting read. My review posts on Tuesday so you’ll have a wait a bit longer to hear what I have to say about it.
  • My giveaway for a copy of Let the Great World Spin is still going on. Click here for more info.
  • On June 3rd, my book club will be discussing Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. I haven’t started it yet but I plan to read it over Memorial Day weekend.

As you can see, it’s been a busy weekend. I think it will be like this until school lets out. The Boy is promoting to 7th (they call it promoting here because the term “graduate” implies that you are done with your education, whereas “promote” means there is more to come). So there is much excitement in my  house right now.

The Girl has been throwing tantrums all weekend so I hope she isn’t coming down with something.

Now, back to reading I go.

21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: So Fond of my Fondue Pot (not)”

  1. I’ll be interesting in hearing about the Eggers book, although I haven’t even read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. My wife has, though, and loved it.

    As for the baseball game, I’ve only been to one major league game. Fortunately, it was a good one, but even then — back in the 1990s — the games were too long and I don’t think MLB has done anything to help shorten the games. All I seem to remember were commercials, commercials and more commercials up on the big screens.

    All that said, glad you were able to enjoy the game with your family. So who won?

  2. holy smokes!! about the fire and the price of the game. But so cool to take your family. You have been so busy. Me.. I was too kind to myself. The photo is fantastic. Have a great week.

  3. Wow, I’m tired just from hearing everything you did today! I’ve always wanted a fondue pot…but I’m re-thinking that wish now. Way back in the 70’s my grandma had one and we used to use it all the time. By the way, great pic of you and The Girl!!

  4. Wow, I’m glad you caught that fire so quickly! Phew! I so need to go on a cleaning frenzy. I’ve been cleaning out the kids’ rooms and it’s taking me months to finish…

  5. I’m sorry about your fondue pot, probably because it has been sitting there for years? Oh well, at least you still enjoyed your cheese fondue, lol! I usually use fondue pot (for chocolate fondue) where you simply put candles or alcohol based fuel to light it up. I only use electric fondue pot for broth and oil fondue. I hope you’ll still try fondue some other time, 🙂

  6. I have an electric fondue pot! The only time I used it was at a dinner party at a friend’s house. Need to get that thing out again, but I will make sure my smoke alarm is operational first! Good luck on the tantrums. My kids go through those phases – I think it is tied to the full moon!

  7. What a busy weekend you had! Sorry about the fondue pot, but I discovered that my memories of fondue were overrated, at least for me. That particular food type is better left in my memories. 🙂

    I’m excited about reading THE PASSAGE as well. Enjoy your week and hope all goes well until school is out. I well remember those days!

  8. That is an excellent picture of you! We had a similarly busy weekend, I’m not ready for the week to start, but it has to be calmer!

  9. I LOVE the Dodgers. I didn’t get to a game last season so I hope to go to one this summer. It’s crazy how you almost have to be careful where you sit too. Some of the cheapest seats are around some of the most sketchy people so you end up having to pay extra to make sure you don’t sit in the middle of the rowdy drunk crowd who are all looking for a fight! Gotta love the Dodger fans (and the public announcements reminding people that violence is not allowed). Ah, we love LA. 🙂

    Also, you are reading up a storm. I don’t know how you do it with two kids and all that cleaning. Good for you! It’s motivating to me. I keep hearing that Let the World Spin is fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    1. Even with our expensive seats we still witnessed an “ejection.” I still don’t know what happened but the one guy must have texted that hotline they flash on the screen.   I won’t go to an evening game. I don’t care for the riff raff and all of those drunks trying to exit the parking lot. It’s got to be an afternoon game or nothing.   I read in spurts. I either read a lot or not enough. I can’t seem to find the middle ground.

  10. It’s been probably twenty years since we took our three kids to a pro-baseball game. Back then I was horrified when we spent $50. $240 is outrageous. I don’t know what happened to major league sports. Fun to hear about the rest of your weekend though.

  11. Love the photo! But $240???? I don’t know if I would pay that for a baseball game!

    I’m interested to see what you think of “The Passage.” It has my antenna up as a book I think I want to read.

    And yikes on the fondue pot! I would have gone the chocolate route myself!

  12. Holy moly–I thought I got a lot done this weekend but you make me look lazy! I’ll bet your garage was cleaner to begin with–mine is the domain of a packrat.

  13. What drug are you on? I want all your excess energy this week. You are my inspiration! LOL Seriously, I love when I get those bursts of energies and get so much accomplished.

    Love the picture of you and your daughter.

  14. $240 for a baseball game for a family of 4 is just ridiculous!

    How scary that your fondue pot short circuited like that – glad you caught it in time!

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