Reading Rooms, Corners and Nooks

I’ve always wanted my very own reading room. Not so much a library, but a room used primarily for reading. It would have a lot of natural light and be equipped with this chair. I love Pottery Barn, but $1955 + shipping is a bit steep for me. However, every time I see this chair I go back to wanting to design a room for this purpose. I mean really, look at that chair. It begs to have a room designed around it.

I made the mistake of giving the loft to my kids. They use it for video games and TV and surfing the web but I was thinking that my master bedroom is large enough to carve out a reading nook (of sorts) or I could convert the garage or I could add-on a sun room at some point.

If you could design your own reading room or corner, what would you include in it? I’m thinking that in addition to the chair and ottoman, I’d need a table to hold a beverage (not the glass of whiskey you see here but one never knows), a nice warm blanket to snuggle up with, and a really cool lamp. Some art work would be a plus. Someone asked me this question the other day and I simply said “a door with a lock” hahaha. That would be a big plus too as I am often interrupted.

The Hub is suggesting a gazebo, as we have a very large yard but unless it’s like the gazebo from The Sound of Music, then I’m thinking no.

If you have a reading room or nook, what makes it special to you? If you don’t have one, what would you want to include in it? When I was a kid I used to hunker down behind a piece of furniture and there was something magical about having my own space. I can’t very well do that now. Well, I could but people would talk.

21 thoughts on “Reading Rooms, Corners and Nooks”

  1. I just had to comment on your today’s entry! I thought I was the only was that had dreams of the Manhattan armchair. I love it too! I had an old catalog and included a picture of it in my “Visionboard”. I confess that sometimes I even visit the store so I can sit on one. You can find them a lot cheaper at Ebay. I’ve seen them but I can’t even afford that! Meanwhile, I enjoy my blog “nook”.

  2. I lust for that chair, too. But my dog and cats take over every chair. I end up on the PB couch, where the join me too. But I also like reading in my library/office, surrounded by floor-to-celing shelves. I’d put the leather chair in here but not room, but a wicker chair does fine, provided I first remove the Giant Peach cat. I wrote about all this under “Good Days” on my blog, , complete w/artwork!

    But y’know us readers can pretty much read anywhere!

    1. Yep. I definitely need to add some artwork. I used to have a very, chubby feline friend but he passed away a couple of years ago. There’s no way I’d consider leather with him around but now that he’s not with me anymore, I’ve started to eye that chair again.

  3. I love that chair, too! I tore out the page from my catalog with the picture of the chair for my vision-journal. I too lust for a book nook – a space where I could just sit and read and have some peace and quiet. I would have to have a lamp and a side table so I could put my cuppa on. And a throw blanket, too! Ahhh, bliss. One day I will sit in that lovely chair, with my steaming mug of coffe and a good book in hand. 🙂
    Great post! And by the by, I passed on the Humane Award to you over at my blog.

  4. I’d have to have a stereo to have some classical music playing in the background as well. But not a leather chair–way to cold in Nebraska in the winter to be comfortable in winter; big enough to curl all up into. When my oldest moved back, I was all ready to make myself a reading room/Mom’s office. Then the darn kid moved home!

    1. Oh, music! I knew I forgot something. I would also need a window that overlooks the backyard. I have a lot of birds in my backyard and their bird calls are rather soothing.

  5. Oh boy that gazebo is lovely and so practical for CA weather. (I’d pick that Ti).

    I have a reading loft: chair, ottoman, one huge bookcase, small drink table, and pole lamp, and the a sofa table that I keep my printer, lap top and a lamp on.

    It’s my get-away space 🙂

  6. MIne isn’t necessarily a “reading” room, but it is the room where my husband and I hang out, drink wine, talk and of course read. I have a nice big chair that two people could fit into, and for those cold Florida nights, a fireplace. It is funny, because now my daughter is prone to hang out and read here too (sometimes we are both piled in the chair!).

  7. Comfy seating and good light are key … as its quiet but with a nice view of outside to rest your eyes every so often. I do think a smaller, cozy place is best. Now I’m beginning to fantasize about this!!!!

  8. I love that chair! I have a reading nook and it basically consists of a big comfy chair, a place to set a hot mug of something and lots of books.

    1. Oh yeah. You are all decked out. Comfy couch, bookshelf stacked with books…

      I can tune most stuff out but it’s the kid bickering that gets to me. Today I created a nook in my bedroom complete with chair and end table. Not THE chair, but a rocking chair I had. It will suffice for now. I also dropped said chair on my foot not once but TWICE while moving it. Ouch!

  9. Oh I’m forever dreaming of a reading nook or room which would be absolute bliss! Unfortunately there’s no room for one in our house.. I’d love to have a huge comfy chair (cream white leather preferably), a lamp, a table and a bookshelf of course! And a warm blanket. One can always dream, I hope you get your chair one day 🙂

  10. Maybe a fainting couch…I always thought they were pretty cool looking.

    I sit here in my living room and dream of what the walls would look like covered in shelves of books. Unfortunately, I’d have to get rid of HB to achieve that look.

  11. We have a loft above our kitchen that has become our library. I love it as a library, but we rarely read up there. I tend to get overwhelmed with the books next to me and can’t focus on the one I’ve been reading.

    In my old apartment, we had a balcony with super comfy patio furniture that used to be my reading area. Now I just read in the living room.

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