The Sunday Salon: Where Did the Weekend Go?

This weekend came and went without too much to show for it. I wanted to get some things done around here but I didn’t get to any of it. I guess it’s because I lacked a plan and just sort of went with it and that never works for me. This was my weekend:

  • On Friday, I ate way too much which started my weekend off on the wrong foot. Part of it was because of not eating enough the day before because of some testing I had to have, but really I am just using that as an excuse.
  • Saturday morning I went for a long walk. I haven’t been doing my walking but it felt good to get it in and on the weekend no less!
  • Saturday afternoon I had to buy shoes for The Girl since she is growing like a weed and her little, fake Ugg boots are beginning to look ridiculous in this 75 degree heat. We couldn’t do anything as a family since The Hub committed to helping a friend, so the kids and I just hung around the house afterward and didn’t do a darn thing.
  • Saturday night we watched 2012 which was totally ridiculous but highly entertaining and then because I couldn’t get enough destruction, I went to bed with The Dead and the Gone and stayed up all night reading it. My review posts tomorrow.
  • Early this morning The Girl came into our room and had a breathing episode. She has reactive airway and something set her off, so a couple of breathing treatments later she was bouncing off the wall and begging for blueberry pancakes and bacon. Cooking at 6am on a Sunday morning should be a sin. A yummy sin, but still a sin.
  • After breakfast we went to buy a steam mop. Whoopee!! You know you’re too old when you get excited over an appliance.
  • Tonight we are going out for pizza (see how overeating on Friday has caused an avalanche effect on my eating?)

Right now I am going to try to finish Mockingbird. Only a few pages left but the house is sort of filled with kid noise right now so it may not happen.

15 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Where Did the Weekend Go?”

  1. The weekend has flown by here, too, but we’ve been staying close to home because our dog had a rough day yesterday. I know it seems kind of silly, but after 14 years, she’s definitely a part of our family.

  2. Today’s been quiet. Car ran over a cinderblock Friday which apparently destroyed the oil pan. Will wait for info from mechanic tomorrow, but, in the meantime, carlessness makes for a nice reading day.

  3. Ti….we thought 2012 was laughable….(I hated it). I can relate to your overeating w/end growing and growing. It started with pizza and cake yesterday and continued today with cake (for breakfast) and leftover pizza for lunch.

    Have a great week. I hope your tests come out perfect.

  4. If you find where weekends go you have to let me know. I think my weekend has runaway with yours! Oh, and I use anything as an excuse to eat too much. I have to stop doing that.

  5. my weekend was spent with my family and i resolutely ignored the school work i have to do for tomorrow morning. i’ll get to it…sometime. ha!

    i just read another review of TDATG and look forward to yours. i liked the author’s first book and didn’t even know this was a 3-book series.

    1. That’s what was missing from my weekend, the essence of family. They were around but we were all doing different things.

  6. Getting up at 6am on any day is not fun, but especially not the weekend. It’ amazing the things we adults get excited about. My husband and I are looking forward to getting some new blinds someday soon for our windows because the cats ruined our current blinds (we keep planning on it and then buying other things).

    1. No. Hers was caused by aspirating a bead when she was very young. It left her lung scarred. She is growing out of it slowly but every now and then she gets a whiff of something that sets her off. I have no idea what set her off that early in the morning though.

  7. I feel the same way every weekend. Never enough time to get everything accomplished! I was vacuuming at 5:30! Argh! Not a relaxing way to start the evening.

    We thought 2012 was pretty over-the-top, but I love Cusak and the special effects were pretty decent.

    Ah, we over-ate on Friday night, too. I made Tyler Florence’s Tagliatelle Bolognese and couldn’t stop myself with one small serving. It was so good, we had leftovers for dinner tonight.

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