The Sunday Salon: Halloween is in the Air

I spent a lovely morning with friends. My daughter and I attended a Halloween craft workshop. It was really not planned to be a daughter and me type of event but when The Hub has to work extra hours to make ends meet in this economy, I find myself taking the kids with me when I normally would not. Needless to say, she took over all my crafts and although I planned to post a nice pic to include with this post, I find myself unable to do that.

One of the projects was a candy bar wrapper. Well, the candy bar is gone so all I have is the wrapper which I have included here. Where did the candy go, you ask? Into her mouth, as quick as she could eat it because all I did was turn my head for a second and it was gone. Poof!

We made some other projects but they didn’t do well on the short walk back to the house. However, my daughter did allow me to keep this bookmark party favor. I think it’s adorable and if you ask me, I’d take the bookmark over the candy bar any day.

Right now I am making Albondigas soup. Mainly, this is a Mexican meatball soup that I make with ground turkey, fresh tomatoes, squash and anything else I have on hand. Today I had some fresh herbs so I tossed those in. I don’t really use a recipe or I’d share it. Somehow it just always comes out perfect.

I just finished writing up my review of The Last Dickens which will post later tonight, for a book tour that starts tomorrow. I also finished Goldengrove. I really enjoyed it. The review for that won’t post until October 8th as it is also part of a book tour.

So what am I reading now? I am still reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I am really getting into it but tonight I plan to read Viola in Reel Life for Book Club Girl’s blog talk show with the author which takes place this Wednesday, September 30th.

Hope you are all enjoying the day.

14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Halloween is in the Air”

  1. What a darling bookmark. I may have to get some oversized paperclips and make some bookmarks of my own as giveaways on my blog (and to some friends to whom I owe a handcrafted goodie). And as for the candybar wrapper, you can always re-purpose that as another bookmark. 🙂

  2. There's Halloween candy in the stores! Ack!!

    I can't believe Halloween is only a month away. I'm reading Dracula, though, so I'm somewhat in the spirit.

  3. My daughter loves this kind of thing. Unfortunately for her, I am very challenged when it comes to artsy fartsy crafty things. The best I can do for her is cook Halloween goodies!

  4. It's hard to believe Halloween is coming up. The decorator in my office is trying to hold off until October before she starts hanging up the fall decorations.

    I had to laugh about the candy bar. I'd probably take the bookmark over the candy bar too. 🙂

    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on The Last Dickens but will probably hold off reading it until I've had a chance to read the book and write my own review.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  5. It sounds like fun even if you ended up with an extra set of hands. The bookmark is super cute.

    M took my boys away this morning and I managed to sweep, mop, and vacuum before they got home. I did not get to flat surfaces (counters, tables, etc) but it still feels great to be in a mostly clean house. No reading but lots of sewing.

  6. I love this time of year and I think that making time to do something crafty goes perfectly with this time of year. I always remember sitting down and making this with my mom while the kitchen was warm from something in the oven. Great times.

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