Please Feed Her and other stuff…

Yesterday was the first day of school. My daughter is going into 1st grade and my son is entering the 6th grade. Last year she had the daycare folks help her buy lunch, etc. This year she is on her own and my son has a different lunch period so he can’t help her either.

So yesterday, in preparation for this, I sent her with the following:

  • A snack for her backpack.
  • A baggie with her lunch money in it because I could not find the lunch lady to add money to her lunch account.
  • I gave her verbal reminders. Make sure you get your money. Make sure you BUY your lunch because they have this “play first” rule and I could totally see her forgetting to get her lunch.

My husband said I was making a big deal out of it. So…what do you think happened? Any guesses?

Yep, she forgot to take her money out of her backpack and went to lunch! Somehow she got a lunch, probably because they thought she was a charity case or that her Mommy was a slacker and did not give her any cold hard cash. In other words, they probably felt sorry for her.

Did she get her PIN # for her lunch account?? Yes! She wrote it down and then promptly left it on the counter. So today, I was tempted to pin a note to her shirt saying something like “please feed this child.” Instead, I sent my son with a check and he is going to deposit it to her account and get the PIN #.

So at the end of the day she was crabby. VERY crabby and I had a ton of “back to school” paperwork to complete so then I was crabby too. I hope today goes better.

On a book note, because there is always a book note… I finished two great books but I promised to review them closer to their release date so I am “review-less” for the week unless I read something between now and Sunday that is not an ARC.

I also wanted to say “Thank You” for nominating me for Book Blogger Appreciation Week’s Most Chatty category. Yeah I talk, and talk and talk but I’ll make a sincere effort to tighten things up a bit. I just cannot believe I was nominated for anything so thanks!

12 thoughts on “Please Feed Her and other stuff…”

  1. Hey, being chatty must be a good thing or they wouldn't have a category, right?! Congrats on your nomination!

    I feel the same way about my kids and the whole lunch thing and my two youngest are in high school πŸ™‚

  2. Reminds me of the time I forgot my lunch in 2nd grade. My mom brought it up to the school, but she was late, so I had to eat lunch w/ the principal while my class went to recess. Never made that mistake again.

    And as for chatty—woman, it's a good thing! Please, keep talking. We love your talking! That's why people nominated you. No tightening is necessary.

  3. So funny! My boys sometimes come home with their lunchbags still full and I wonder whose lunch they nibbled from, lol. Sometimes I'm guessing they don't eat at all and they never tell me!

    School is early on your end, btw. We're not there till Sept 8. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the nomination! πŸ˜€

  4. This post made me smile! Your daughter is adorable. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on your nomination–I love all your chatter!

  5. I hope that all has been worked out! They should have a simpler system for those first days for school with the lunch money. Too stressful for the little ones and the moms!!

    Congrats on your nomination!!

  6. Well, I guess that is a lot for a little kid to remember! I'm glad they fed her!!! Now I'm going to worry about that with my son … but he is only starting Kindergarten and it is half-day so I have another year yet. I'm just worried about him riding on the school bus!

    And congrats on the BBAW! Wonderful.

  7. Congrats on your nomination, Ms. Chatty!

    How did your daughter do with lunch on Day Three?

  8. Oh gosh, I worry about the same sorts of things! Our school has a policy that if you have no lunch money you get bread, cheese and milk.

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