There Are Books In Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara is pretty cool. This is historic State St.

They have a Pinkberry there. Yum.

They have kids that are too cool for school. Too cool for his mom to take a pic anyway.

Um, what’s that?? A book store? A USED book store?

This is what I ended up with. I had to restrain myself. My husband and kids helped.

11 thoughts on “There Are Books In Santa Barbara!”

  1. I really think that Peony In Love is calling me. I bought it in hard cover the moment I finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, but I haven’t picked it up off the shelf. This is the 300th time this book has come up this week.I love the pictures of the kids, too! Emma looks so much like you!

  2. Did they have to physically restrain you?!?Nice pics (and nice picks from the bookstore)

  3. I love Santa Barbara (my husband proposed to me on Stearns Wharf), but we haven't been up that way for a while. I've been to the Borders and B&N there, but hadn't spotted your bookstore before – I'll keep my eyes peeled next time!

  4. Love the pics-you have beautiful kiddos. Wow, everyone did a good job of restraining you to only come away with 3 books. Yikes, I hate to think what would have happened had I gone in there. Sounds like a great day.

  5. You were very restrained. 🙂I love Santa Barbara. My cousin was married there and lives there now. (Well duhhhh you know that, I saw you when I was out for the wedding.)

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