Books! Books! More Books!

The folks over at Paperback Frenzy sent me an email asking if we could exchange links. Um, yes! I checked out their site and I’m pretty impressed. Told them so, too.

Anyway, no matter how many blogs I follow or how many books I add to my to-be-read pile, I am always looking for new books. It must be some sort of sickness but it’s a sickness that I am willing to live with. This site includes book reviews from folks you may already know. It’s easy to navigate too which let’s face it, makes it much easier to multi-task from work, ahem.

Click here to take a peek!

2 thoughts on “Books! Books! More Books!”

  1. Love your Twitter button. And I agree, no matter how many books I have, I am always trolling for more. It’s a sickness I never wish to recover from.

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