The Sunday Salon: January 11, 2009

My entire day is centered around the premier of 24 (Season 7) that begins tonight at 8pm PST. I love Kiefer Sutherland. I love it when he goes nuts and runs all over heck to save the world. I was especially entertained when the City of Santa Clarita was nuked a couple of seasons back (as I live in Santa Clarita). They shoot 24 here quite often so it’s a little bit too real for me sometimes, but fun!

We plan to order Chinese take-out, put the kids to bed and then enjoy the show. That means I have to get a few things done today. For one, some reading. Still working on Twilight but should be done today. I am also starting The Terror. A friend of mine said it was the best book he’s ever read so I can’t ignore it any longer. I have to put some props together for the production of The Music Man which is in two weeks! I also have to rehearse some lines and blocking with my son as he was so out of it from the surgery this past week and couldn’t stay for the entire blocking rehearsal. I am also in need of a new printer and the market is tossed in there somewhere.

That’s a lot to do, isn’t it? So much for a lazy Sunday. I’m still waiting for the male part of this family to wake as they got home close to 1am from the Monster Truck show last night. Hopefully they’ll wake soon as I feel the need to get going.

On a side note, it is absolutely beautiful here in Southern California today. Blue skies and I can tell it may even get warm! What’s on your plate today?

9 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: January 11, 2009”

  1. very cool that 24 is sometimes filmed in your area; I can see how that could be a bit nerve-wracking, too.Enjoy your beautiful southern Cal. weather! We woke to 6 inches of snow this morning … I got my butt out of bed, used the treadmill, then we bundled up and went to church. Now I’m in for the day, snuggled on the sofa with the laptop, J is watching football, and the kids are doing various projects. I see a snowman-making venture in our near future šŸ™‚

  2. I am SO with you on this one! My husband and I love 24 – the fastest hour on television! I have a DVR now and this is set to tape šŸ™‚ Have fun!!!

  3. Enjoy dinner and 24 Ti. I haven’t watched it in years but I used to love it. I sure wish you could send your weather my way. We are currently in the middle of a blizzard-it’s awful out.

  4. My son (35) is crazy about 24 and made me sit down and watch the entire first two seasons with him when my 99 year old father-in-law went to Europe. He lives with us, you see, and we don’t have access to the tv when he’s home. My, the story is certainly intense at times. And I must leave near in the same weather system as Dar and Dawn because we’re socked in with another snow storm and 6 more inches. At least the two feet we already have looks clean.

  5. I’m doing a whole lot of nothing today and am loving it! I never got into 24, but I totally understand your excitement–next Sunday will be a big day for me, as Big Love and The L Word start their new seasons. I can’t wait!

  6. Enjoy the show! I haven’t watched it much since my 4 year old came around, but I can only imagine how exciting it must feel. I like to watch shows where the good guys break ugly.

  7. Kathy – I haven’t either! Although Stand By Me was on tv the other night…remember Kiefer Sutherland in that? He was mean.

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