7 Random Things About Me

Lisa over at Books Lists Life tagged me for this meme. If you want to check out my 7 Random Facts: Book Edition, click here.

Here they are:
1. I am a big fan of silly clip art. I used to teach a PowerPoint class and in the class, I would add all sorts of silly clip art to see how the class would react. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a class clown.
2. I can eat any man under the table when it comes to super spicy food. Trust me.
3. I love Doris Day movies. All of them. Especially the ones with Rock Hudson.
4. I’m one of those people that has to be prepared for anything so my “purse” is more like a diaper bag with a host of supplies that can take me through a small crisis.
5. I abhor clutter. Isn’t abhor a great word? It sounds good to say it. Abhor. Abhor.
6. I always put my parking brake on even if I am not on a hill. I have this thing about my car rolling away. Doesn’t sound like fun.
7. I am very brand loyal as far as household products, toiletries, etc. Even is something else is much cheaper, I always buy the same brand.
I’m glad I only have to do seven. It’s hard to come up with stuff. I am supposed to tag but I will skip that part as I am not much of a tagger.

6 thoughts on “7 Random Things About Me”

  1. I always always always put the parking brake on, too. Even in the garage. Only I call it the emergency brake.

  2. Ha! I do the same thing with the parking brake and trust me, you don’t even want to see my “purse.” Things get lost for years in there. 🙂

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