Picking Up Poo & Wearing A Thong

A few minutes ago I opened up one of my daughter’s birthday presents from a few weeks ago. She had so many that I put some of them away for later. The one that she went for, happens to be a Barbie, specifically the Barbie and Tanner play set as seen to the left.

Barbie is fully equipped with a pooper scooper and magnetic poo. Not only is Barbie a responsible pet owner, but she manages to clean up while wearing a thong no less!!

Would the draw for this product be greatly diminished if the pooper scooper and poo had been left out? What genius at Mattel came up with this idea? What about the thong? I guess as she bends to scoop up the poo in her low rider mini-skirt, they wanted to make sure she was covered by including the thong instead of some granny panties that would come out over the top of her skirt.

I am appalled! To top it off, I just found out it has been recalled because of the potential danger the magnets pose. Kids apparently have been swallowing the poo pellets and they come together in their intestine and cause damage or worse.

I don’t blame the person that bought it because it looks innocent enough. I mean, I didn’t even notice the pooper scooper until I undid the 1001 twisty ties to get it out of the darn package. Come on though. Were there no other ideas out there??

Now what do I do? She walked off with it and is now picking up poop.

6 thoughts on “Picking Up Poo & Wearing A Thong”

  1. OMG! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!This story reminds me of those altered Barbies that people were putting on the shelves in Target and ToysRUs a few years ago …A friend of mine clips all those twist ties (and insert batteries if needed) in any toy before she wraps it … she gets the prize for efficiency!Hey, bermudaonion, thongs belong on PEOPLE of *any* age, NOT BARBIE DOLLS 🙂

  2. Barbie would always wear a thong, regardless of age because she would have had so much plastic surgery, she could get away with it! 😛 But I’m not bitter about Barbie or anything.On a more serious, mommy note, I feel like that’s wrong because it teaches little girls and little boys that it’s ok to sexualize girls and that girls’ sole existence is based upon how nice they are to be looked upon by a male gaze…

  3. Well, if Barbie is supposed to be idolized for the perfect woman that she is, why is she the one who's picking up the dogs%&t? Shouldn't she have some boy-toy to do it for her? sigh

  4. All of your comments cracked me up. I stashed the thong wearing Barbie into a deep, dark crevice of the toy closet and hopefully it will die a slow death. My daughter has not asked for it so I guess she has moved on to other things.

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