The Week Ahead: October 20-26, 2008

There are a couple of trees in the neighborhood that are actually turning colors and I don’t mean “dried out California brown”. It must be Fall”ish”.

Here’s my week:

Monday, October 20, 2008 – Taking a much needed day off! I have to take Kidlet #2 to the dentist, right smack in the middle of the day, so I decided to take the day off to do it. Going to the dentist is always an adventure. Her dentist has an office that is filled with Disney memorabilia, old fashioned video games like Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man and they don’t need quarters! Kidlet #1 has rehearsal in the evening so that is uninterrupted reading time for me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 – Work, work, work. However, after work I will be going to see Nights In Rodanthe, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. It stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Hello! I love them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 – Work and yoga. Yoga is getting to be quite challenging now. Surprisingly, the hardest moves are not the pretzel like positions but instead the ones where you need to balance for long lengths of time. Today is Book Club Girls’ on air show with DeLaune Michel, the author of The Safety of Secrets. For more info on the show click here. Tonight is rehearsal for Kidlet #1.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 – Today I am going to a conference on Assistive Technology. I’m a tech writer so writing documents that can be read with a screen reader is a bit of a challenge. The conference is hosted by the university that I work for so at least I don’t have to fly or drive anywhere. I will be offline almost the entire day though.

Friday, October 24, 2008 – Work as usual. However tonight is Fall Family Night at the kids’ school. It’s a PTO event that I am co-chairing but my kids don’t want to attend! They will be home with Daddy while I slave over the popcorn machine, the bake sale table, etc. My oldest is convinced it is for little kids and since he is not going, my little one doesn’t want to go either, and hubby? Hubby doesn’t do well with 300+ kids screaming and running around. In his defense…who does?

The Weekend – Saturday my hubby is taking Kidlet #1 to Six Flags. I plan to spend the day at both of the major bookstores to attend story time with my daughter. My daughter is not into Six Flags so we’d much rather spend the day browsing bookstores.

It just occurred to me that there isn’t much book related stuff in here. I will have my review of Infidel written but I can’t post it until after my book club meets. I may have a giveaway in here somewhere too but not sure when or what I will giveaway.

2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead: October 20-26, 2008”

  1. Ti, I saw Nights in Rodanthe Saturday night with two girlfriends.I’m looking forward to knowing how you like it.

  2. I loved Pac Man! We had the pattern memorized so we could just GO when the intro was over 🙂Two bookstores on Saturday – I’m jealous! We may “hit” a fall festival at a local church; my neighbor told me there will be tons of books and other goodies there.

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