Win some. Lose some.

Audition results have been posted and my son did not get the part he wanted, but was given another part in the show. It’s also a speaking part, but a smaller part and not one that he wanted.

It was a rough night for him. However, sometimes I think it’s good for my kids to feel disappointment. I know that sounds awful but I think that it’s important for him to appreciate what he has been given, even though things did not turn out exactly as planned.

Today, he woke with a renewed sense of purpose and has decided to embrace his new role. I’m relieved.

So on my way in to work today, that tree that I mentioned in my other post was looking beautiful once again and after asking around I was told that it is a Floss Silk tree. I think I may need to plant one in my yard.

Anyway, it made me smile and after a tough night of tears and angst, what more can I ask for?

6 thoughts on “Win some. Lose some.”

  1. I think you’re right – kids do need to feel disappointment sometimes. It’s not easy, but life is full of disappointments and you have to learn how to cope with them sometimes. I think we’re doing too much to try to protect our kids from things like that these days.

  2. Sorry to hear your son didn’t get the part he wanted, although I tend to agree with you and Kathy, kids do need to learn to deal with disappointment. I’m glad your son has decided to embrace his new role. And who knows, it may lead to bigger ones in the future!

  3. Ti, I’m sorry to hear your son didn’t get the part he wanted although I’m glad he did get a part in the show. You are right about kids needing to feel disappointment especially in things like auditions. It it’s something they will be doing for most of their lives rejection is likely to come more than once. That being said it doesn’t help when you see your child hurting over something, does it. Nice to hear he woke up ready to make the best of the role he does have.The tree is gorgeous. I love the name-Floss Silk. I wonder if the flowers on it feel silky.

  4. You hang in there. Evan will out shine whatever part he got and make them wish they chose him for those others.Love Karen

  5. Ti, it’s always hard for our kids to be disappointed – I think it is more painful for us mommies than if we were disappointed ourselves.I hope he can really embrace his part and have a ton of fun with it.Gorgeous tree!

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