Random Thoughts

The other day, my daughter had an accident in her bed. She has one of those, big, puffy beds piled high with linens…so I pulled them all off and then realized that the comforter did not come away unscathed. There was no way I could fit that thing into my washer at home so I decided to take it to the nearest laundry facility which is at the bottom of my hill.

Let me tell you. It has been a LONG time since I’ve visited a Laundromat. That last time I needed one, was wayyyyy back in the ’90s. You had to have coinage (and lots of it) to buy those little boxes of soap and to pay for 10 cycles of drying because let’s face it, nothing ever dried in the 15 minutes that your 25 cents bought you. They had those ridiculous carts with that bar at the top to hang your clothes.. like anyone ever did that. They never had a sink around either and the restroom.. ugh… don’t even want to go there. It was a linty, dusty little hole.

When I stumbled into the Laundromat by my house..I was amazed. It was pretty and clean and had tables and a snack bar. It had free WiFi and an arcade and a clean restroom. The horrid change machines were gone and replaced with refillable Laundry Cards that you purchase with your credit/debit card. The most amazing thing though, were the washing machines that washed 8 loads AT ONCE. Yes, at once. Can you believe that? You could wash an entire week’s worth of clothes and not spend the entire day there. Then came the dryers. I thought..this is where they get you, but no..the dryers actually worked in the 20 minutes that my $1 bought me.

I took a look around.. young people using their laptops, reading while sipping their coffee. I could not believe how much had changed since the 90s. Now if only I could buy a commercial washer like the one above, my life would be so much easier.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Wow, where do you live? I’d like to visit a laundromat like that one! Up until four months ago I was still living in apartment rentals, and all the laundromats I used had those carts with the bars, coins machines that didn’t work half the time, dispensers of little soap boxes, nasty bathrooms. The only thing new (like yours) is the large machines that can wash tons of loads, and the super-high-heat driers. I actually had to set the dryer to a lower heat because it was damaging the clothes!

  2. Our dryer died 3 years ago, just as I was finishing up “one last load” before packing for vacation. Our next-door-neighbor was out of town, so I couldn’t ask to use her machine … hefted one load of very wet laundry down to the laundromat in town; it was a sideshow, just like in the old days! Enjoyed the vacation and ordered new machines to be delivered the day after we returned (with a week’s worth of laundry for a family of 6, I got a lot of use those first few day). I’m glad your laundromat experience was better/cleaner!

  3. Um, yeah, I’m with Jeane. I’ve been to the laundromat fairly recently (last year or two) and it was not as nice as the one you’re describing!

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