Catching Up on Movies

Anyone with young kids knows how hard it is to see a first run movie. The movies that I end up seeing in a theatre are usually G rated or educational such as the latest IMAX show at the museum. I am dying to see Mama Mia but that is a story for another time.

The other day I recorded Brokeback Mountain. I just love my DVR. I know, I know.. the movie debuted way back in 2005 but it wasn’t a kid movie and not a movie my husband would be interested in (so I thought), so I never ordered it from Netflix. Well, after recording it last week I have been watchng it in bits and pieces. I know, stolen moments between Spongebob and Phineas & Ferb. I have to say, I am riveted by the storyline and the cinematography is just beautiful. It’s directed by Ang Lee and stars the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie is based on the short story of the same name that can be found in Close Range: Wyoming Stories, by Annie Proulx.

Here is the synopsis from IMDb:

In 1963, two young men hire on as ranch hands in the Wyoming mountains. During the long months of isolation,an unusual bond starts to develop between them, one which they are only vaguely aware of–until one night when it rises to the surface in a passionate encounter. When the season ends,they part ways,only to realize the true depth of their feelings. Thus begins a decades-long affair that the two of them desperately try to hide from those around them–one which will prove simultaneously beautiful and devastating.

It’s a subject matter that is not normally touched on via the big screen, especially with two very established actors but if you are looking for a movie that will sweep you away… check it out. Seeing the movie makes me want to read the short story now.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up on Movies”

  1. i love brokeback mountain! it is a great romance. i have read the short story, but i actually thought the movie was better. i think this is because the movie was able to go deeper into the story as the story was only about 20 pages long.if you like annie proulx, read the shipping news. Fantastic book!:)

  2. I had a hard time with Shipping News but I tried to read it so long ago. Maybe now I would see it in a different light.

  3. Brokeback Mountain was a favorite of mine the year it came out. I took my husband to see it on his birthday-during the day while the kids were at school (he didn’t know anything about the movie, I still laugh when I think of the look on his face when he discovered what it was about!)

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