Books To Fly Away With

Have you ever been on a plane with the wrong read? Nothing is worse than trying to get through a book that does not fit your mood. If that happens, what do you do? Resort to the SkyMall catalog? That is actually what I did on my recent flight to Denver (hanging my head in shame). I wish I had read this article by Nancy Pearl beforehand. For those of you that have yet to take your vacation, perhaps the info might help!

One thought on “Books To Fly Away With”

  1. hi! thank you so much for the comment.i Hate being in the wrong mood to read something…that is why i’m normally reading more than one book at a time. sometimes i’ll start a book, not get into it, throw it to the side and six months later finally pick it up and love it! weird, right?i’ve actually looked at the thirteenth tale before and thought it looked interesting, so it’s good to know that it’s worth checking out.thanks again for the comment! i am excited about book blogging and meeting new people.:)~amy

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