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Wuthering Heights Wednesday: May 26, 2010 – Week 8

Welcome to Wuthering Heights Wednesday! Softdrink is hosting a read-along of this classic novel, and we’re reading (and posting about) 3 chapters a week.

Volume II, Chapters 8-10

My Synopsis:

The wretchedness continues!

This week’s reading is all about Cathy and Linton. As you may recall from last week, Cathy and Linton were caught writing letters to each other. LOVE letters which Mrs. Dean quickly put an end to.  In case you forgot, Cathy and Linton are cousins. However, when Cathy runs into Heathcliff (yet again), Heathcliff lays a guilt trip on her. He tells her that Linton’s health has taken a turn and that he has one foot in the grave. Why? All because Cathy stopped writing her letters. Apparently Linton is just “sick” over it.

Cathy, in her bubble-headed way, insists that she visit poor Linton and although Mrs. Dean does not agree, she wants to prove to Cathy that Linton is just fine and that this is all a bunch of nonsense, so off they go for a brief visit. Except, that when they visit, Linton IS in poor spirits and DOES appear to be sickly (afterall, he was born that way). At first, he seems to perk up a bit at the sight of Cathy but then they argue over whose dad is best… “my dad, no MY dad!” and then Linton falls out of the chair, upon the hearth and writhes like a child trying to get out of a high chair!

Cathy, bubble-head that she is (did I say that twice?) falls for it and promises to visit when she can. Mrs. Dean sweeps Cathy away, and then promptly falls ill for three weeks, which gives Cathy plenty of time to sneak off and visit the wretch. What’s interesting here is that Cathy wants to love Linton like a brother so he can live with her always. Linton wants to love her like a wife, but Cathy claims that sometimes husbands hate their wives. How profound, and coming out of Cathy’s mouth no less!

When dear Papa finds out about Cathy’s little adventure, he puts a stop to her visits which sends her into despair. What will Linton think? Will he fall ill? Will he throw himself upon the hearth and die from heartbreak?

My Thoughts:

In previous chapters I felt sorry for Linton but he’s a sniveling little twerp and deserves no pity. He whines and whines about his predicament, so much so that Joseph and Hareton (remember them?) completely ignore him.  Trust me, if he were in my house I’d ignore him too.

I love how Cathy is the epitome of youthful exuberance and how Linton is just a puny little wretch. Such opposites.  I wondered how Cathy could even find happiness in being around him but she says it best, she thinks of him as her “little pet.” Isn’t that enough to make you want to gag?

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Wuthering Heights Wednesday: May 19, 2010 – Week 7

Welcome to Wuthering Heights Wednesday! Softdrink is hosting a read-along of this classic novel, and we’re reading (and posting about) 3 chapters a week.

Volume II, Chapters 5-7

My Synopsis:

This week’s reading was rather uneventful. As you may recall from last week, Izzy passed away so Edgar had to go get Linton (her son) and bring him back to Thrushcross Grange. I’m not sure what he thought was going to happen but of course Heathcliff demanded that the child be brought to him (since he’s the father and all) so Nelly/Ellen/Mrs. Dean packed him up and off they went.  Linton is a wisp of a boy. Weak and pale so you can imagine the fun he’ll have with good ole Heathcliff.

A couple of years pass.

Cathy, who is now 16 years of age, wanders off with Mrs. Dean closely behind her and ends up on Heathcliff’s property. Heathcliff invites them both in and against Mrs. Dean’s advice, Cathy takes him up on the offer and decides to visit a while. She meets Hareton (once again) and is reunited with Linton, who is a few years older and slightly larger than he was when he left Thrushcross Grange.

Heathcliff’s plan is to have Linton and Cathy fall in love so that Cathy’s inheritance, will go directly to Linton and therefore Heathcliff.

My Thoughts:

I was sort of bored with this week’s reading. So much time was spent describing Linton’s weak, physical condition. We get it. I am hoping that he proves everyone wrong within the next few chapters but we shall see.

Cathy seems to be a bit opinionated but not nearly as bad as her mother.

And Heathcliff? No surprises there. Financially he seems to be quite well off and if he manages to take over Thrushcross Grange too then he’ll be set, right?

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