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Summer! It’s so Random!

Pimm's Cup
Image from NPR

First off, doesn’t this drink look delish? See the little slice of cucumber? I’ve never even heard of Pimm’s before but it’s gin based and tastes of spice and citrus. When I saw this on NPR the other day, I felt the need to share it. The traditional Pimm’s Cup includes lemonade, but the photo that I included shows a variation made with pomegranate juice. Yum! I could totally see myself sipping that drink with a great book in my hand. You can view the recipe here. Thanks to NPR for the photo and the recipe. 

My brain is in summer mode, but unfortunately, when you work full-time, that luscious feeling of summer doesn’t really hit you in quite the same way. I’ve been a tad stressed with the morning routine lately. Getting the little one off to day camp is difficult when she is so darn exhausted from all the fun she had the previous day. What a bear!! So by the time I get to work, I am ready for a break, but no, the boss doesn’t seem to agree so the projects keep coming. 

 What I’ve been trying to do is pack a nice lunch so that I can sit outside and read or hole up in somewhere to catch-up on The Hills. Yes, I watch that show and am quite addicted. If I manage to do that, the day passes nicely. 

As for the weekends, I try to make it as summery as possible. Cook-outs, lots of reading, cold refreshing drinks (like the one above, which I have yet to try BTW). Anything that puts me in a summer mood because the work week sucks! There is no other word that describes how I feel.  I like my work and all that but please, it’s SUMMER! Lighten-up a bit. Life will go on. 

If you are in the same boat, wanting to kick-off summer in a big way but can’t do it large-scale because work or other commitments interfere, then let’s promise to do something this weekend that’s just for us. You know, something to put us in a summery mood. You can make the drink I shared above, or you can get all girly and paint your toes some hot, summer color, or you can hit your local Starbucks (book in hand) to enjoy one of their However You Want It Frappes. The Light Soy Strawberry Frappe (no whip) is yummy! I’ve indulged in a few. 

Sound like a plan? I’m not quite sure what I plan to do myself but it’s happening because this girl needs a pick-me-up!