Sunday Matters: A Tiny Glimpse of Fall

Sunday Matters

This past week began with clouds and drizzle. Of course, this happened AFTER my husband washed both cars. I didn’t even care though. Driving to work at 5 a.m. meant that I had to wear a sweater! Yes!! And, it remained cool for most of the week. It was glorious.

The cooler weather means that soon it will be time for this although today it is expected to be 105 degrees.

Martha Stewart Halloween
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Right Now:

Getting some coffee into me. I was up many times waiting for The Teen to come home. He worked a sixteen hour shift because Fright Fest kicked off last night. He came home very late and was exhausted but he’s off today.

This Week:

I may or may not attend Math Night on Tuesday. I know. Sounds so fun! Not. 

Auditions for Joseph are this week and both The Teen And The Girl will be auditioning.

I think that’s it. 


I finished The Dogs of Littlefield. Mixed feelings about that one. I am supposed to start a book for a book tour, The Yard but I haven’t yet. I really want to read something for the R.I.P challenge but none of my books are available from the library.


American Horror Story started up and it seems very old school in the horror department. This could be good…or bad.

Fear the Walking Dead is lukewarm. I keep watching because the potential for being good is there but at the end of an episode I find myself wanting.


We are getting Chinese  take-out tonight. Not exactly football food but I have middle-school ministry tonight and haven’t hit the market. 

Grateful for:

We finally managed to refinance our house. We bought in 2007 when prices were through the roof. Our payments were $4000 a month and our property values dropped by half so that made it impossible to refinance. 

Many had to walk away from their homes. We prayed a lot and finally, we were able to refinance. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I am. 

What are you up to today? 

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Tiny Glimpse of Fall”

  1. It’s been delightful here by quite humid today. I actually turned the AC back on when I saw it was 77 indoors, but fall is definitely on the way. So happy you were able to refinance your house. We were one of the lucky ones who bought low and sold high in 2007 and then rented for a year and then bought lower again.

    I liked Dogs of Littlefield on audio, it was wacky but great fun to listen to.

  2. OMG…about the refinancing and that house payment…thank God it’s fixed! I want pumpkins scattered everywhere but I need Den to do it for me!

    1. You know my pumpkin dilemma. If we put them out now they will be rotten in two days with this heat. We always have to carve pumpkins the night before Halloween and then refrigerate them for use the following night or they are a moldy mess.

      That mortgage payment was about to balloon in 5 years so we really had to get out of it. Plus, the interest rate for 7% when we got it and now it’s 3.8. SO much better all around.

  3. First and foremost, congratulations on the refinancing.

    Just curious when you say cool, what do you mean? Here, it was in the high 70s, but humid and that was hot to me. We have the a/c on now because of the humidity. 105 in late September? I can’t even imagine, but I’ve lived in Pennsylvania all my life too so no wonder. California just seems like another planet to me, but I’m sure it’s the same for you and Pennsylvania. 🙂

    Here today, I watched NASCAR with the neighbors and my driver won and is on to the next round of the playoffs. I’m happy…but sorta sad for my neighbor whose driver almost won after not winning a race yet this year and the driver being a rookie. As for the rest of the day, I “should” read but probably will end up watching more Hawaii Five-0 on Netflix. Sometimes I just need to watch a show I don’t have to think about much. Used to be CSI Miami, now it’s Hawaii Five-0.

    1. The “cool” I was referencing from last week was about 56 in the morning and 75 by mid-day. That is cool to me. We are expected to get dry strikes / thunder tomorrow and Wednesday which means it will be so hot that the rain will evaporate before it hits the ground but the dry strikes can cause major brush fires. Not looking forward to that.

  4. I don’t fully understand refinancing, but congratulations anyway!! That’s wonderful!

    I am very very excited for autumn, although I am not convinced it’s ever going to happen. We’ve had so much rain this summer that it’s been a relatively bearable summer, but still, I really want the cool weather. Someday!

    1. Anyone who says global warming is not a thing is living in a dream world. For the past three years, we’ve really felt the change in our So Cal weather. I mean, we didn’t have full blown seasons before but we’d be able to tell the difference between fall and summer!! Not these days.

  5. I want fall to come! It’s my favorite. And I think we all acclimate to where we live so Fall is Fall is Fall–in the eye of the beholder. Glad there was a cool down for you.

  6. I really hope you get some cooler weather soon. 105 degrees in September sounds hellish!

    I’ll admit. I put out my pumpkins and other fall decor. I couldn’t wait any longer, and this weekend we will barely be home. So screw the weather. I’m celebrating fall regardless of the temperatures!

    Good luck to the Girl and the Teen on tryouts! I’m sure they will kill it.

    Have a great week!

    1. We spotted the first house in the neighborhood to put up their Halloween stuff last night. I can’t do it when it’s so freakin’ hot!! I know I will though. Probably this weekend. Maybe if I think fall, it will be fall.

      I have no idea how auditions went. I can never get a good feel by what they tell me.

  7. It’s back to humidity here. UGH. I really would like some fall weather. I feel sweaty all the time, but leaves are starting to turn…so they must know something, right?

    I’m so glad you could refinance. That must have been a relief. We waited and waited to buy and bought when the market fell here…we couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. Housing prices were ridiculous, but now they’re increasing again…at least in this area.

    1. I’ve not been able to keep my new car clean because it’s been 100 degrees and the sky keeps spitting this acid rain all over everything. I hosed my car off but it’s all dirty again. It feels like summer here. Still. Everything is already dead so I can’t tell if leaves are up to turning or not.

  8. Congrats on the refinancing!! That is great! I can imagine how relieved you must be.

    I am barely watching any TV nowadays (other than Star Trek Voyager). Thinking of letting that continue. Of course, I’ll watch TWD when it starts but that’s probably going to be my TV for now. We’ll see.

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