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Sex And The City (No Spoilers)

My friends and I celebrated a birthday on Saturday night by having dinner and then seeing Sex And The City. It was great! I didn’t realize how much I missed the series until I sat down in that theater. I have convinced myself that I need to buy the series on DVD now. There were lots of women there (as can be expected) but there were also a lot of guys there too. I was surprised at how many couples were there actually..even though my husband watched the series with me.

For those that have not seen it..go see it! You won’t be disappointed.

Weekend Plans: Carrie Here I Come!

Only a few more hours of work for me. Tonight, we have our last Cub pack meeting and then we are celebrating with Cold Stone ice cream. The kids ought to love that!

Saturday morning, I have a hair appt.. All I will say, is that as you get older, those little gray hairs that used to pop-up once in awhile.. all of a sudden start to take over your entire head. It’s not fun to admit that you are moving into the next phase of adulthood, but when your husband points out a bit of gray in your eyebrow..then you know it has begun. Men!

Saturday night, my girlfriends and I are celebrating a birthday so it’s dinner and Sex And The City! I cannot wait. I don’t get to see a first-run movie too often so it will be a real treat to actually sit in a theatre and enjoy a really good movie. No kids, no husband just me and my popcorn.

Sunday I am as free as a bird. No plans at all. I can sit in my jammies all day long if I want to and I just may do that. What have you got planned for the weekend?