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2012: DNF #2 (The Red House)

The Red House

I waited a long time to get this one from the library but at about seventy-five pages in, I found myself really hating these characters and scrabbling to keep track of what the heck was going on and who was saying what.

Richard is a doctor and rich. He invites his wacky sister and her family to spend a week in the English countryside with his family (also whacked). Sounds like the makings of a perfect novel but the stream of consciousness narrative really turned me off. Much of it is rambling but there are moments when the story started to get good, only to get lost in the rambling again. THAT infuriated me.

I was going to tough it out, but after a day of brooding, I decided to just put it down for good. Why bother with a book that’s just not doing it for me? Add another DNF (did not finish) to the pile.