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The 2010 Indie Lit Awards (Results)

Indie Lit Awards

As one of the literary fiction judges for the 2010 Indie Lit Awards, I can honestly say that reading the shortlist was a pleasure. We had such a great list, as picked by book bloggers which makes it even more special.

In addition to the reads, working with the rest of the panel members proved to be quite rewarding. I picked up some new blogs to add to my reader and hopefully, made some lifelong bloggy buds in the process.

Enough of me…here are the results:

2010 Indie Lit Award Winners


Winner: Annabel by Kathleen Winter
Runner Up: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green, David Levithan

Literary Fiction

Winner: Safe From the Sea by Peter Geye
Runner Up: Great House by Nicole Krauss


Winner: The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson
Runner Up: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Speculative Fiction

Winner: Kraken by China Miéville
Runner Up: Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

Congrats to all of the winners! A big “thank you” to Wallace for creating these awards. It’s been a pleasure. Oh, and a huge shout-out to Peter Geye!! We loved your book. You are a rock star in my eyes!

If you’d like to see how it all came to be, check out the award site.

100 Things (in three parts) – Part Three

This is a continuation of my “100 Things” post from the other day. Here’s part three, the final installment:

67. I prefer the classics over contemporary literature.
68. I understand “mean” more than I understand “rude.”
69. I often wish for a simpler life.
70. I always  make a face when I look in the mirror. I don’t know why.
72. I have a true 6th sense.
73. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
74. I brush my teeth about 6 times a day.
75. I am not a good packer. I pack way too much.
76. I’d like to live in Disneyland, on Main Street, overlooking the Candy Palace, even though I don’t like candy.
77. I like to name inanimate objects (my car is Annie, my Kindle is Duckie, etc).
78. I talk a lot.
79. I am incredibly loyal until I am crossed.
80. I like a good bit of gossip. but I can keep a promise if asked.
81. Before every vacation, I have a mini-meltdown.
82. I prefer pencils over pens.
83. My books are shelved by reading order.
84. I will always lend an ear to a friend in need. No matter how busy I am.
85. My fave food is soup.
86. I don’t shy away from conflict.
87. I don’t hold grudges.
88. I believe that TV, in moderation, is not bad for children.
89. I’d be a vegetarian if it weren’t for IN N OUT burger.
90. My pantry is a bit out of control.
91. My work desk is neat, but inside one of my desk drawers is a drawer full of chotchkes and Happy Meal toys.
92. After my morning walk, I have to blow-dry my hair again because I cannot deal with frizz.
93. My fave flowers are peonies and daisies but not together.
94. Hand lotion is a must and it has to be Bath & Body Work’s Lavender Vanilla.
95. To me, a book that’s chosen from the heart, makes the best gift ever.
96. Nearly everything I watch on TV is recorded so that I can zip through the commercials.
97. I detest the ad/channel ID bubble that appears at the bottom of TV programs and the animated ones are even worse.
98. My fave vacations are “do nothing” vacations. My family does not agree. They are “see and do” types.
99. I make a mean pot of chili.
100. Movie popcorn can make, or break a movie for me.

That was fun!! Thanks for reading!