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Happy Kids

Don’t you love happy kids? We spent the weekend bbq’ing with friends, swimming, seeing Wicked (again) and Wall-E at the El Capitan. Both of which were wonderful. It was a weekend full of fun that abrubtly ended when my daughter realized that she had to go to pre-school today. I should have taken a pic of her face. It was classic, but why not remember the happy? Right?

After doing too much on Saturday, I spent almost the entire day on Sunday READING. Yes, that’s right. I actually got to read quite a bit. I was in heaven.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you managed to get some reading time in as well.

Books In The Mail

One of the benefits of book blogging, is that you meet other book bloggers from various parts of the country. I have “met” several nice folks and visit their sites often. Another perk to visiting their sites often is that they sometimes have book giveaways or online book clubs where they will send you the book for participating. I have been lucky enough to score some great books just by participating. My bookshelf thanks you. The sites that I vist are noted on the right side of my page.

As a matter of fact, there are several books coming to me right now! I do hope they get here before the July 4th holiday as I really want to crack them open this weekend. I am sending mail vibes to my mailbox right now.

Last night I finished my book club pick for July. My group has not met to discuss it yet so I will post the review after our meeting on July 10th. I just opened Stone Creek, which was sent to me by Jennifer over at Book Club Girl. She is hosting a Blog Radio Show on July 23rd at 7pm EST and will be discussing this book with the author. Click here to read more about the show.

I am also reading two other books right now. It’s hard to juggle all the different reads but what do you do when you want to read everything right now?? I have no patience apparently.

Hope you all have a nice 4th. We’ve been invited to a friends’ house for a pool party/BBQ and then afterward, we will hit a park to see the local fireworks. Simple, but fun.

Don’t you love long weekends?