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2012: DNF #3 (Beautiful Disaster)

Beautiful Disaster

Where do I start? This has not been a good year for me as far as DNF books (did not finish). There are years where I have none but this year, I am already at three. Maybe I am just lacking patience or something but if a book can’t capture and hold my attention early on, I just don’t have the time (or energy) to battle through it.

This one was promising but the two main characters lack depth and there is a dangerous side to one of them that does not appeal to me. College boys and their “use them and lose ’em” mentality and a young, somewhat naive girl floating around the danger zone? I don’t think so. I read about 80 pages according to my Kindle and I kept saying to myself, in another ten pages, something big could happen but nothing big did so there you go.

Add this one to my DNF pile for the year.