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Back in January, I signed up for an aerobics dance class. For the most part, it is a “step” class that involves a lot of up and down movements. The teacher makes it fun. I tend to enjoy it even though it completely busts my butt. Lately though, I have become bored with it. I was dreading another week but this week, the instructor surprised us with a kickboxing segment.

It was as if my prayers had been answered. YAY!

OK.. now that I am doing it, who am I kidding? It’s hard! Really hard. Why did I think it was going to be easier? Jabbing, while kicking is not an easy task. I mean, when do you jab and kick in every day life? Ummmmm, never!

So right now I am sitting here, fully aware of every ache and pain in my body. Sometimes I am all for “toughing it out” but right now, I am in one of those moods where toughing it out is not an option. I want to wince, moan and groan. Wallow in my misery. Sometimes it just feels good to do that. Putting on a happy face is highly overrated anyway. Don’t you think?

Off I go.



It’s a Small World..Not

You’ve been to Disneyland, right? Well one of the original rides, It’s a Small World has been closed for a couple of months now for refurbishment. Every once in awhile you see this. Usually for maintenance purposes although that is not always the case. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? Remember how they added the Jack Sparrow character after the popularity of the movie? They also did this to The Haunted Mansion. I think they did a pretty good job with both.

This time around, they are refurbishing Small Word to accommodate the ever-growing population. Meaning, our bigger butts! Yes! They are adding newer boats or gondolas to accommodate more weight. I know the stats are true, but I am shocked that Disney would admit to this. “You are all getting fatter so now we need bigger boats”. ACK!

I suppose this means the ticket prices will go up again. Actually, they go up every year..did you know that? By the time my kids are in their twenties, I suspect it will cost about $160 per person and the adult tickets will include any child over the age of 5. I mean, right now they consider a 10 year old an adult. My son loves that. “Hey Mom! I’m almost an adult!”. Yeah right.

How can one stay away though? The sights and sounds of Main Street alone are enough to make me wanna buy a ticket right now. The candy apples, the rock candy from the Candy Emporium, the Funnel Cakes from the Space Station. OK, I see how we all got the bigger butts! It’s a vicious cycle. Spend more, eat more.. install bigger boats!

Kind of makes me want to walk a couple of miles tonight..but it also makes me want a funnel cake.

P.S. We are going to Disneyland in April.