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Sunday Salon: October 5, 2008

My Sundays are normally uneventful. I lounge in my PJ’s, do little side projects and READ! The weather this weekend has been gloomy and rainy too. Perfect weather for the types of activities I just mentioned. However, today we are celebrating kidlet #2’s birthday so we are heading to Sky City!

I have to be honest with you, getting the RSVPs for this event has been a bit of a challenge. Folks do not know common etiquette nor do they care to learn it. When a birthday venue charges by the head, I would never just assume that it would be okay to bring my child plus his/her 4 siblings. I have been dealing all week with these kinds of issues. Talk to me about your situation. I’m an easy person to talk to, but don’t leave a message saying 6 are coming when two were invited.

OK. Enough of that.

Today is also the day that my son auditions for the 3rd time for The Music Man. It’s down to 5 boys. Break a leg Kidlet #1!

After all this is said and done, I will ask my husband to get the Halloween stuff down from the attic (again). Third time’s the charm, right?

Six Weird Things About Me

You are probably wondering what is up with the clip art I used to the left. I used it because I can be weird sometimes. Yep, me. This piece of clip art made me laugh this morning. It’s funny, and quirky and according to Trish (who tagged me for this meme) she thinks I have some weirdness in me. She may be right.

Six quirky things about me:

1) I once got drunk from water. This happens when you drink too much water and your electrolytes are depleted. You can read about it here.

2) I like to bake bacon in my oven. Did you know you can do that? You place it on a baking rack over a cookie sheet and you can cook an entire package of bacon, till crisp and not get splattered by hot grease. Cook it on 425 for 15 min or so.

3) I sit in a dark office, lit only by two small indirect daylight lamps. I have Lupus and I cannot sit under fluorescent lighting without it triggering a flare and this seems to help.

4) I won’t park next to a junky car even if the parking space is a really good one. I feel that
[a junky car = a careless driver] and I don’t like getting dinged.

5) When I go to the movies, I look forward to the 20 minutes of movie previews. I LOVE previews.

6) After taking a shower, I have to lie down again for at least 20 minutes before I can begin my day. I think initially it was to give my hair time to dry a bit in the towel but since I have to wake at 4:30am on most days, the extra 20 minutes allows me to wake up slowly.

If you want to read more weird stuff about me, check out this post from a few weeks ago.

I am supposed to tag six other people but I will just leave it open. If you want to share some of your quirks please do so!