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Review: A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House
By Shari Lapena
Pamela Dorman Books, 9780735221123, August 2017, 320pp.

The Short of It:

A happy couple, an unexplained accident and a case of amnesia leave this couple wondering if anyone is really who they say they are.

The Rest of It:

Karen and Tom Krupp find themselves questioning everything after an accident that leaves Karen with amnesia. Why was she driving so fast? What was she doing in that neighborhood? These are questions that neither of them can answer but when a body is found in the same location as the accident, the police begin to investigate.

I had a really hard time reading this review copy because my eBook was corrupted! Every other sentence was gibberish. However, I do believe I was able to piece together enough of the story to give it a fair review.

I have to admit, the story felt a little familiar and in the end, it was too predictable but I think it held up better than the other book I read by this author, The Couple Next Door. This story had some tense moments and I felt as if we got to know this couple a little better than the couple in her previous book. Overall, it was okay but nothing really stayed with me after I put it down.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss.
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