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Review: Innocence

By Dean Koontz
(Bantam, Hardcover, 9780553808032, December 2013, 352pp.)

The Short of It:

Interesting characters and setting, but lacking that special something that makes you think about a book long after reading it.

The Rest of It:

One can argue that Dean Koontz does not write books with substance. Yes, his books lately have been a little different from the books of his past. I guess his books have always been page turners, meant to captivate a reader for a short amount of time, but some of his older books have stayed with me for decades.

This is not one of those times.

Innocence, starts off strong. A child is forced to live on his own because of a gross deformity that is never fully explained. He seeks shelter under the city, roaming the sewers and only coming up for provisions. At the same time, a young woman, on a quest to find the murderer who killed her father,  also lives in secret, hiding from society whenever possible. The two form an unlikely friendship.

SO much could have been done with these characters. The idea of living beneath the city is one that has been done before, but the complexity of doing so successfully and the mystery behind the “deformity” was enough to pull me along. But towards the end, I didn’t really understand what I was reading or where Koontz was going with the story. There was literally NO payoff. I felt somewhat cheated.

As a fan of his older works, I now realize why I stopped reading him. There isn’t much of a connection between his characters anymore. I still try his books every now and then to see if anything has changed, but I am sorry to say that his newer books seems to lack punch.

I think most of his old-time fans will agree with me, but if there’s been a current book of his, say…within the past five years that I need to read, let me know and I will give him another try.

If you’d like to try one of his older books, I highly recommend Watchers (my fave), Phantoms or Lightning.

Source: Sent to me by the publisher.
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The Sunday Salon: It’s a Brand New Year

Hello! How are you all doing this fine Sunday? It’s a little after 10 a.m. here and I am just finishing up my second cup of coffee for the morning. The Hub is VERY excited about the Green Bay game scheduled for later today. The weather is going to be interesting. I seriously do not know how those guys play in such conditions. It’s crazy to me!

Speaking of weather, so many of you are dealing with record snowfall and here in California, we are dry as a bone! So dry, that the news stations are talking about nothing but water rationing which makes me very nervous. My house sits on a quarter acre which is mostly landscaped with grass. This takes a lot of water. If money were not a concern, I’d hardscape half of it but that is not an option for us right now.

A lot of my friends went skiing this past weekend and there was no snow! No REAL snow. Without snow pack, we are gonna be toast comes summer. I sure hope we get some weather soon. I do not want to deal with brush fires so early in the year.

Anyway, enough weather.

Yesterday we took a drive to Santa Barbara. We had delicious pizza for lunch AND I hit one of my favorite bookstores, Chaucer’s. It was incredibly busy and it was really hard to walk around. BUT, I was on a mission to find a copy of A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami and guess what? After teetering on a step stool to reach it, and trying it get it down with this very pushy lady refusing to move over, I got a copy!

A Wild Sheep Chase

I managed to also snag an audio copy from the library, but I am trying to collect print copies of all of Murakami’s books so I was happy to finally place my hands on this one.

After roaming around Santa Barbara all day long, we headed home but stopped for steak and shrimp fajitas. Boy, were they good. I am still thinking about that meal.

Today? We are just hanging around. We’ll watch football of course but my plan this week is to enjoy my  last week off from work. One more week and then it’s back to the grind.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I have done a lot of reading or at least it feels as if I have. I finished The Rosie Project and loved it. I also finished The Last Days of California by Mary Miller and adored that one. If I can surround myself by books like those, all year-long, I’ll be a happy camper.

What am I cooking?

I haven’t been in a cooking mood. I think the warmer weather has kept me from wanting to cook. That said, it’s been cooler at night so of course it’s then that I am wanting soup or something warm and there’s nothing around to eat!

 What am I watching?

Oh, there has been a lot of watching. With the kids home, we have been watching lots and lots of movies. Mostly old stuff, because that is what we seem to like but we’ve been catching up on recorded shows too. In a little bit, I will be watching Rear Window. That is such a fun movie. The Girl is not into it but I am hoping to pull her away from her Kindle by having it on in the background.

What are you all up to? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Cooking anything good? Any resolutions you want to share? I am HORRIBLE with resolutions so I don’t make any, otherwise I’d share.

I just can’t believe that we are in 2014 now. The holidays flew by and so did my time off. My plan this week is to stretch out my last week home. I want every day to count. The Otter Pup is sure going to miss us when we all head back to school and work. She’s been my little lap dog for well over two weeks now. Who am I kidding? She probably can’t wait to have us out of here so she can return to all day snoozing.