Fancy That! I’m a Traitor! (didn’t mean to be)

Okay, so you know how I got a Kindle for Mother’s Day? I didn’t say too much about it because I was speechless and not able to fully express its awesomeness. I did all my research and when The Hub asked me which e-reader I preferred, I went back and forth between the Kindle and the Nook.

BUT, when Kindle announced file organization and Facebook and Twitter integration with its 2.5 upgrade (which still hasn’t downloaded by the way), I decided to go with the Kindle. Plus, to be honest with you, I just liked the clean lines of the Kindle over the Nook. It fits better in my hand, and just seems to fit me better.

What I didn’t consider was this…

…that I would be betraying my beloved Barnes and Noble.  Yep, I am a traitor.

Now, I get that most of these devices are proprietary in nature and I knew that choosing the Kindle over the Nook would mean doing business with Amazon, but what I didn’t consider was the “pretty” factor. In between my long hours at work (definitely not during work, ahem) I like to browse B&N’s website. Their e-book site is so much easier to navigate and much prettier than Amazon’s e-book site (my opinion).

Now don’t get me wrong, my purchases are done wirelessly. I don’t purchase online and then sync up later, although I know that you can do that. BUT, I didn’t realize how much I would miss browsing B&N’s site. Also, when visiting a B&N store, I feel like a bit of a loser. Everyone is walking around with their Nooks looking cool and I am Nook-less. This is an entirely strange feeling for me because I LOVE my Kindle. Even with all this loser angst I am experiencing, I still wouldn’t trade my Kindle for a Nook.

So what am I saying? I am sorry Barnes and Noble. I didn’t buy your Nook, but I LOVE your website and still shop in your brick and mortar store. I can hope that Amazon does something with their site to pretty it up a bit. Visually, it’s BLAH. Do you hear me Amazon? Do something with the Kindle Books section, please!


Amazon Kindle Book Section



B&N Ebook Section

So if you are in the market for an e-reader, consider your shopping habits too. Where do you purchase your regular books from? Are you loyal to a particular store? Browse each site’s e-book section and see which one you like best. For now, I am happy to browse one site and buy from the other, but it’s still a bit weird for me.

25 thoughts on “Fancy That! I’m a Traitor! (didn’t mean to be)”

  1. I love this post! I am kicking around the idea of purchasing an e-reader later in the year and couldn’t decide between these two. I am a regular Amazon shopper and, dare I say, not a B&N shopper! You can go ahead and gasp now! lol anyway, your opinion has been VERY helpful to me and I will be taking into consideration everything you said when I take the plunge. Thank you so much Ti!!! Enjoy your Kindle – guilt-free!!

  2. I have to say I really struggled between the nook and the kindle, but wound up with the nook. I adore my nooky, especially the touch screen, but you’ve got to go with what fits you the best.

  3. I got Nook because I buy from B&N online and instore. The coupons and ship free for members is awesome value. Amazon is such a bully, and the website is horrific, even if you’re looking for small appliances. The bonus Nook material is super, too.
    So Nanook and I are quite happy, and the beta browser gets me to FB if I want (I don’t care). Nice touchscreen. Am I making you jealous?!
    In a couple years, if not before, we’ll all want updated models of whatever.!

    1. Perhaps much of my angst is over the fact that B&N is just what I am used to. If I had used Amazon primarily then it would probably not bug me as much. Are you making me jealous? A tad, but I am not a touchscreen girl so the added stuff that B&N offers is what I’m jealous of…not necessarily the device itself.

  4. I guess I am a book-buying floozy! I buy from B&N, Borders, Amazon, and Target! Wherever I happen to be when the mood hits me. I will agree, the B&N websites are a hundred times better than others. I even have a B&N app for my iPhone that I look at frequently!

  5. I’m still fighting ereaders but I don’t know if I could even consider a Kindle because of the Amazon connection. Can’t stand the way they do business at all. So I’d better not start shopping for an eread just yet. Cuz if I found out the Kindle suited me best, I’d be in a real quandry!

  6. Ti, I’ve had the Kindle since it first came out, so when B&N came out with their Nook I, too, wondered if I had taken the wrong road since that is the chain book store at which I always shop (as opposed to some of my favorite independent stores). I also wondered if I bought too soon knowing that updates are always around the corner. Now, two years later, I still love my Kindle. Frankly, as far as e-readers go, it’s the closest thing to a real book that you can get, which actually is better for a book-addict like me. It took some convincing to get an electronic book in the first place, and I usually only use it when I’m traveling (which I now can’t believe I ever traveled without it!). So for someone who gets a high off of actual paper books — I think the Kindle is the way to go. And for people who love the techy side of things — Nook and iPad are probably the right avenue for them. Isn’t it great that we have so many options?!

  7. I’ve always been an Amazon girl so I didn’t have any angst over it. I’m totally excited to hear about the new software upgrade coming for the Kindle though!!! Woo hoo!

    And I’ve looked at most of the e-readers and I do prefer the Kindle’s look and feel. Plus Consumer Reports just rated it the “best” e-reader.

  8. I love Amazon so I wouldn’t have a problem with the Kindle site. It funny that people are so different because I don’t like the B&N website but I like the bookstore. I love Amazon and I have been wanting a Kindle for a while. I am glad that you love it!

  9. What a timely post — I am seriously looking at getting a Nook. To me it seems more flexible than the Kindle (in terms of content).
    Like Sandy, I’m a book-buying floozy and for me browsing in a physical store is half the fun, so the tie to Barnes & Noble is a selling point for me.

  10. I LOVED my Kindle, but ended up selling it and getting the iPad instead. I can’t truly explain how HAPPY I am with that decision. I love reading all my Kindle books on the iPad , and having the ability to surf the web, check email and play games all on one device. The battery charge lasts over 12 hours for me too, and love the size as well.

    Funny, I have never been a B&N fan, so I can’t comment on their website vs Amazons 😦

    Enjoy your Kindle (it is a great reading device).

    1. Wow, that is something I’m actually interested in — the best of both worlds! What does the Kindle look like on the iPad? Does it still have that book-page feel or is it backlit like a computer?

      1. I may have responded to the wrong comment so I will say it again here but I believe the iPad is backlit regardless…even when using the Kindle store.

    2. I love the iPad for all of it’s other features but I am on the computer alllll day long (for work). I don’t think I could read a book on a computer too.

  11. I love BN too – we will not have one close to the new house but I will find it :).

    I’m just starting the research of the ebook – thanks for your input.

    As publishers move to ebook for ARC’s…. do you know if it matters which device you use?

    1. I think the only non-proprietary e-reader is the Sony Reader. On the Kindle, you can download content from Amazon’s partner sites and I think it’s the same for B&N. That’s a good point.

  12. OMG…you are too funny…I love love love my Kindle…just let it go and you will be fine…I love Amazon’s sites…and they are trying to keep ebook prices fair…enjoy and stop stressing…

  13. I’m a kindle gal because I was such an early adopter, there was no nook then! But I love the kindle anyway, even though Amazon is so annoying. Oh well, you take the good with the bad, I guess…

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