Feeling It

I started off my morning with a brutal, and I mean BRUTAL circuit training class which involved kickboxing, step work and jumping rope. Now in case you all forgot.. I have Lupus and even though there are days when I don’t feel as if I can do much, I HAVE to. If I don’t use it, I will definitely lose it.. no lie. So I dragged my butt to class and did what I had to do to get through it.

For lunch, I met with some old co-workers and we talked of times past and we also talked about getting older and basically falling apart. This getting older.. it’s not always fun is it? They are a bit older than me, but I am already pretty much caught up with them as far as meds and health go. That depressed me! I feel that I am young at heart but that my body is not cooperating with me.

On my way back to the office, I was wallowing in my aches and pains. Woe is me and all that. I eat right, I exercise.. I try to get as much rest as possible and yet I am not the picture of health that I so wish to portray. I suppose if I were not doing the “right” things, I would be worse than I am now so there’s always that. Right?

Till tomorrow.



The Cleft, by Doris Lessing

I just finished The Cleft, by Doris Lessing. A nightmarish tale about human creation where women are called “clefts” and men are called “monsters” or “squirts”. Male babies are sacrificed for years until some eagles decide to save the “monster” babies and to take them to another part of the island they all share..where they grow up to be “squirts”. When the Clefts learn of this, they wander over and thus begins the story of how the human race began. Add animals that feed the babies, genital mutilation, and depictions of rape and murder and you have The Cleft.

It was almost unbearable for me to read it. Crude and not well written. I know she won the Nobel prize for literature but honestly, this book was like visiting a very unpleasant port-a-potty. Made me want to take a shower every time I touched it.

Needless to say.. I do not recommend it! If there are any of you out there that read it, and found it to be a staggering work of genius..please let me know as I really wanted it to be good. You know me, always looking for the silver lining.


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