Vegetarianism..or not?

I’ve been having a hard time controlling some health issues lately, and I have been told by many well-meaning folks that becoming a vegetarian might help. After downing medication each and every morning, and seeing the number of pills increase each month.. I have decided to try it out for 30 days. Can’t hurt, right?

Actually, I was a vegetarian when I was younger. That was the “in” thing to do at the time. I can’t say I did it to save the animals or the planet but I did it and it was good. I found all sorts of things to eat and was not bored by any of it. Then one day I craved a chili-cheeseburger and it was all over.

This time I am doing it for my own health and if it benefits the environment then that would be good too. My husband decided to do it with me. I was shocked. He is a big “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Last night we started.. and today HE stopped. Yep. One meal and he is already off the wagon. This does not surprise me much, but it is very disappointing to say the least.
He’ll eat anything that is put in front of him so if I cook a meatless meal, he’ll eat it, but that also goes for the tacos that someone put in front of him at lunch today.

Those well meaning folks I mentioned actually suggested a VEGAN diet, but that would be way, way too much for me right now. If I get through the 30 days and feel better, then maybe I will look into expanding into unknown territory. Who knows?

What about weekend plans? Tonight we have a scout pack meeting. Tomorrow the normal dance class stuff and then I have to visit a friend that just had surgery. Saturday night, we are going to the cast party for one of the shows my son was in. It will be fun. Sunday, free right now but I am sure I will be up to my ears in errands and the like.

Weather should be nice here. Hope it is wherever you are too.


Another One Bites The Dust

As some of you know our dear, beloved feline pet passed away last month. The kids have been itchin’ for a new pet to love. They want another cat, or a dog.. but they settled for some fish. I told them that it was out of the question though, so that I could surprise them for Easter. What better gift than a new little fishy with a super cool bowl set-up? I know. Get a life.

Anyway.. I set the bowls up beforehand. Got the fish about a week before Easter and guess what? One of them died.. right before Easter. There was no time to get another one so I had to resort to PLAN 2, which was lots and lots of candy. However, I did share my plan with them and they both decided that picking out their own fish would be more fun anyway. The one fish that remained, I kept for myself and name her Lolita.

So my son picked out a very pretty, blue and green Betta and named him BOB.

My daughter picked out a very pretty, purple Betta and named HIM, Barbie. I know. Everything right now is Barbie even if this poor fish is a boy.

Today, Lolita is breathing. Barbie is breathing. BOB has stopped breathing. R.I.P. Bob.

I am beginning to think my fish caring skills are no better than my green thumb. I did everything right. Treated the water beforehand. Did not overfeed him. Pre-rinsed the bowl with water soap. Yet another one bites the dust. Not good. I am willing to replace Bob as my son has not even had him for a full week, but I hope this is not a trend.

That’s what I get for trying to be a little bit creative this Easter. One fish, two fish, now they’re.. dead fish. I know..pretty bad.


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