A Friend, is a Friend.. Blah Blah

I am going through a rough patch right now with a friend. I do believe that most of her issues can be resolved with medication. I know that sounds funny but I often feel that there is a little bit of a chemical imbalance..IF you catch my drift.

Unfortunately, this last rough patch ( for lack of a better term) included a little bit of a verbal assault upon my being. This has happened before. Apologies are made and we move on. However, this last time around, I have some hurt feelings and I am not sure I want this cycle to repeat anymore.

I was talking to another friend about the situation, a friend that has nothing to do with the friend that I am having this problem with, and I said to her that I want the kind of friendship one sees on Sex In The City. I want the SITC friend. The one that is there through thick and thin.. that can make you laugh and cry… but what I get out of this one particular friendship is just the “cry” part. Also, without giving you too many details, I am getting older and I just don’t feel that I have the “time” to invest in a friendship that is so one-sided.

So, I believe I am beginning the process of “letting go”. It’s not a good feeling. I toyed with the idea of stressing to this friend, that medical intervention might benefit her, but with the current situation, she would of course see this as an attack and that would not be good since we are already on the “outs”. I don’t want to cause her unnecessary stress.

Anyway.. this might be a two-parter depending on how this all goes down. I will think about it some more. I think.


Sometimes Mommies Aren’t That Bright

Okay. I admit it. Sometimes, and I mean “sometimes”, I am not as brilliant as I make myself out to be. I try to be a good mom and I try to make good decisions but sometimes my thinking cap is either askew or missing altogether.

Today I took my son in for his first dental filling. We go to this neat Pediatric dental office that has all sorts of movie memorabilia. They play movies, they play games.. the dental hygienists and assistants are all super fun and the kids, mine included, just love going there. Of course, we usually go there for cleanings only so going in for a filling is a little bit different, but they still make it fun.

Right before the procedure. I chose to explain what was going to happen before the filling. Okay. Big mistake. As soon as my son realized he was going to get a shot, in his mouth no less, he immediately started to cry. He is 9 ½ and I really felt I was doing the right thing by explaining what was about to happen.

I didn’t realize how off I was until the assistant said “we just need to give you some juice”
and here I called it a shot. He was visibly upset so they offered a “happy nose” which is filled with some sort of medication to relax you, but he is nearly 10 years old and surely did not want to be caught wearing a funny nose so he toughed it out.

In the end, he was fine of course and didn’t feel a thing but I felt horrible! I never had “happy noses” when I went to the dentist as a kid and I always hated when they never explained anything to me before doing something. Needless to say, I will not be making the same mistake with my other kid should she ever need more than a cleaning.

Hope I did not scar him for life.


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