Game On Update #2

I just finished week 2 of the Game On Diet (plan) and let me tell you, it was quite the challenge! For one, I was on vacation! I sort of knew how food played into my vacation plans. I mean, I am a foodie and I look forward to eating out but I had no idea how much I relied on eating out as a form of entertainment. How sad!

While on this plan, I was presented with all sorts of challenges since my family is not doing it with me. That made it especially hard because they would choose the restaurant and then I was left with whatever limited choices there were for me. However, since the plan consists of five mini-meals I went into the restaurant experience only slightly hungry. That helped a lot. That’s the one thing that I have noticed the most with this plan…you never feel hungry because you are constantly eating. The other thing that I have noticed is that I was obviously stuck in a food rut without even knowing it. All of the foods that I ate before were all processed in some way. Ick.

So, how am I doing after my second week? Well, I have lost NINE pounds. That’s pretty good! A lot of you have commented on the diet and I have to say, that it’s great for pointing out your weak spots and it’s quite good at shaking you off a plateau if you’ve been on one. I was stuck at the same weight for the better part of two months and I am happy to see the scale budge in the right direction.

If you’ve like to give it a try, check out this website. There’s a video and some info on the plan itself. All of my team members will also say that it really helps to have the book in front of you too. You can buy the book here. If you have any questions just let me know. I’d be happy to answer them.

I’m not much for keeping score but I think my team is doing pretty well. Go Ding Dongs!

13 thoughts on “Game On Update #2”

  1. wow… 9 lbs rocks. Good for you. what great support you all have. I am seriously jealous. Love your new profile pic also.

  2. You are rocking this!! And you are a much better woman than me … I could never have pulled this off on vacation. And like you, I'm realizing just how poorly I eat normally. I've not had the weight loss results you've had but my clothes are fitting better and I feel so much better. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ti, you've done incredibly well with Game On, especially since you were away on vacation!!

    I saw your email about how loose your clothes are fitting … now the big decision … to buy new clothes or books!

    Best to you for continued success … but watch out for the Slinky Twinkies!! 🙂

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