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The Sunday Salon: Back to Reality

The Sunday Salon

Well, our little trip to the desert is over and it’s back to reality for us. Forgive me for missing all of the Read-a-Thon action. I was with you in spirit, but we didn’t have access to the Internet while we were away. It was a nice break from my laptop but I missed all of you.

I didn’t get much reading in either. I managed to finished two books while away, but I expected to finish at least one more. We listened to an audio book on the way there, but on the way back, the content became a tad inappropriate for the kids to listen to. I didn’t think they were listening until the reader dropped the “C” word and my daughter wanted to know why they were talking about a rooster. Ahem, if you think about it you’ll get it.

The good news though is that the Otter Pup did great! She loved the long car ride and did great in the other house. She almost got violated on her first visit to the dog park but she handled herself well and came out unscathed. She took turns sleeping with the kids and that went well too. She just seemed happy to be with us. I was really nervous about taking her with us but she did great. I worried for nothing.

I don’t have any pictures to share. I brought the camera and ended up not taking it out at all because the weather was cold, super windy and sand was flying around everywhere. I didn’t want to damage the lens with all that sand action going on.

Okay, I’m off to deal with my inbox. Hope you are well and that you all had a good week.

Reading, Weather and a Very Large Bug

Spring Break is in full swing.  I’ve been doing a little reading,  but now that weather has turned a bit rainy I hope to get more reading in. You know how it is when it’s sunny… you just can’t get any reading in.

Of course when I was younger I could lay on the beach all day with a book in my hand, but I certainly can’t do that now. The Boy and The Girl won’t let me. They are “see and do” types and get really antsy if I am just sitting there reading.

On another note…

At about 1am this morning, I woke to a very large bug on my face. I am not squeamish but when there is something of weight, sitting on your chin, and you are half asleep, you tend to lose it a little bit. I knocked it off and then couldn’t find it (which did not comfort me). The Otter Pup came to my rescue but then ran away with her tail between her legs so I am thinking it was a rather large bug. All I know is that it had a shell. Ick.

I am going to take a break from the bugs and spend the night reading. I brought a tall stack of books with me (some dystopian, some literary fiction) and will  make camp in the large recliner. We’ll see how my forty-something body reacts to a night in a recliner.