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The Sunday Salon: 48 Hour Read-a-Thon Wrap-up

48 Hour Read-a-Thon Button

Over the course of 48 hours of reading, I really didn’t accomplish all that much. Granted, I didn’t read for the entire 48 hours but there were “chunks” where I tried to catch-up on my reading. I wasn’t successful though. I did manage to finish Orwell’s Coming Up for Air, but that’s pretty much it. The back-to-school paperwork kept calling me, as did the pile of unpaid bills. Let’s face it. I got distracted by life.

It was fun though and just putting it down in writing means that I know what my goal is for the week. Thank you Wallace for putting this together.

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Today has been a “do nothing” kind of day. I felt blah when I woke up so I hung around the house doing a whole lot of nothing. The kids got the best of me though and dragged me to see Despicable Me in 3D. Why does everything have to be in 3D these days? 3D is not fun for those that wear glasses. Glasses on top of glasses just isn’t attractive, but the movie was good enough for me to forget how I looked.

Oh, and then I got sidetracked at my new favorite store, Ulta. I’ve been on a quest to find my new, signature scent. I want something that is going to be around so I tested all sorts of fragrances and then ended up with something that I used to wear in college (go figure). The newer scents just don’t smell good on me or they fade.

I had a huge Facebook discussion about it. In case you’re interested, I went back to Obsession which used to be very strong for me but now it isn’t at all (The Boy, The Girl and the Hub agreed). Perhaps the formula has changed? Anyway…that’s it for now unless Calvin Klein discontinues it tomorrow which would be my luck.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Now I’m off to watch Shark Week!

The Sunday Salon: A Little Cooking, a lot of Shopping and a Birthday!

Boy's 12th Bday

Come on kid, crack a smile. No? Oh well.

So yesterday was The Boy’s 12th birthday and yes, there are three candles on his cake. It’s supposed to represent 1 and 2 for 12, as I did not have 12 candles. You have to be creative when you are not Martha Stewart.

We had a splendid day. We took The Boy for a really nice lunch and then we went back-to-school shopping, which he actually enjoys because he’s loves getting new stuff. School starts in about 2 weeks for us which I cannot even believe. As for gifts…he got some of the things he wanted and a few things he needed but you know how that goes.

Oh, and the cake was probably the best chocolate cake I ever made. Yum!

Sunday Salon Button

Although I am done with shopping for clothes and shoes (everything was purchased on sale!) I need to hit the office supply store for the rest of the stuff they’ll need. I don’t know about you but I could get lost in an office supply store. I love office supplies. New pads of paper, pretty pens, calendars…I get so excited over calendars. Sigh. So we’ll be doing a bit more shopping for that stuff.

I am making Chile Verde for dinner. I don’t use a recipe really so I can’t share it but it’s simmering away for later. In case you are unfamiliar with what it is, it’s basically meat that simmers in a green chile sauce. We’ll have it stuffed into whole grain tortillas along with some Mexican rice. It should be tasty.

As for reading, I finished Labor Day for a book tour in August. Boy, was it good! I’ll save my thoughts for the review but I was pleasantly surprised by it and I am still thinking about it.

I am still reading The Stand. It’s not that I don’t have time to read it. I’ve BEEN reading but good lord, on the Kindle it feels as if I am not making any progress so it’s hard to judge how much I am reading in one sitting. Apparently, not enough.

The next book that I plan to read off my summer reading list if probably going to be Coming Up for Air. Not sure yet.

I may also start One Day since I got it in the mail yesterday and everyone is talking about it.

At some point I must start my book club book, The Lacuna but I have no desire to read it right now. I am in a weird, funky reading place. I think I am already gearing up for the end of summer, which is really a shame. It flew by and I am already getting Christmas catalogs and Halloween emails from Disney.

Hope you are enjoying the day. It’s nice here, not too hot but I am fighting a bit of a sore throat so I am taking some extra C and drinking some vitamin drinks just to be safe. Who wants to be sick in the dead of summer? Not me.