Sunday Matters: Me, Over Here, Living

Sunday Matters

I’ve been missing for awhile so I will keep this brief while giving you an update.

  • On my first day of vacation I had to go to the hospital. I am better now but not 100%. Kidney stones and a damaged kidney are no fun.
  • The kids spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City which was good, but it felt really weird to not have them with us. I did get to rest a lot though.
  • Because I was so out of it I couldn’t even read. So what is normally a big reading week for me was spent without books.

Right Now:

Almost time for me to head to student ministry. The rest of the afternoon is wide open.

This Week:

I see the physical therapist this week. My knee was much better until I tried to get up, unassisted from a small child’s chair at Friendsgiving. LOL. I am falling apart.


Not a thing. All this medication I am on makes me queasy and gives me a massive headache.


We have been dipping in and out of La Brea. One more episode. It’s just okay in my book.

Since I’ve been in pain and not able to sit still for long I keep flipping channels.

Grateful for:

  • Good pain management.
  • Time off.

That’s all I have. Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Me, Over Here, Living”

  1. Oh no! What terrible timing (not like there is any good time for a kidney stone)! I had my first kidney stone a year and a half ago, and it was some of the worst pain in my life. And this was a relatively small one, they said. I hope you are feeling better and make a full recovery soon — with the knee, too.

  2. Oh Ti, what a nightmare week. I am glad your kids were able to be together for Thanksgiving. My daughter got to see my brother and her cousins, so I am totally jealous!

    Your body is sending you messages. Not good ones, but be sure to take care of yourself! I have never had kidney stones, but hear they are horrible. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Sending you a big hug. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I have been in a reading slump for a while now. So depressing to not want to read. I have the new Amor Towles – Lincoln Highway to read for book group –

  4. Wow! I’ve heard kidney stones are no joke – as close as you will get to giving birth without actually having a baby. I guess the one good thing is that it gave you an excuse to stay off the knee?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! I’m still attending twice-weekly physical therapy sessions for my elbow. After three months, I am at the same pain levels I was at back in the spring. It is SO frustrating, so I totally understand your pain. Hopefully, you will have better success with PT than me.

  5. I hope you start feeling better soon. So many health issues going on, but at least you could rest a little bit and your kids were with one another for the holiday. Hugs my friend.

  6. Oh, no! I’m sorry about your kidney issues. I’ve never had to deal with that problem, but I hear it’s pretty awful. 😦 I hope you’re feeling better soon. Time to get back to reading, right?

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