Sunday Matters: Too Close

Sunday Matters

On November 14th, a student walked into Saugus High School and shot five people. You’ve all read the headlines. This was not my daughter’s school. Her school was on lock down a mere four miles away but in Santa Clarita, many of the students know each other, It’s a very tight-knit community. Through sports, theatre, choir, church we know these people.

One of the girls from my youth group texted me to tell me her sister had been shot. She is going to be okay. But everyone is traumatized by this. It’s all too real, and too close and we keep asking ourselves, when it’s going to end.

The students, faculty, staff and first responders on the scene, three of which were dropping off their own kids, were so brave that day. They did all the right things. My heart goes out to all of them and my heart aches for the families who lost their loved ones. No one should ever have to get that text or that call or see their child on the news.

It angers me beyond what I am capable of describing here.

Right Now:

Heading to church right now. Later, a vigil has been planned for the evening and I’ll be there volunteering in some way.

This Week:

Schools were closed after the shooting and through last Friday but with schools back in session this week it’s going to be tough. Plus, it is production week for Macbeth. I have no idea if it will go on as scheduled.


I am reading a great book right now. It is taking my mind off of everything, Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson. I am also doubling up on my scripture reading.


I’ve been watching the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas. It’s not something I have ever watched before. I always thought the programming was too sappy for my tastes but let me tell you, it’s cozy and warm and makes you feel good. Everyone needs this right now.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Saying no. I’m getting good at it.

Grateful for:

My daughter’s safety and the safety of her immediate friends.

Very grateful that the community has come together to support the families affected. We’ve had fires, many, and so many are still dealing with that nightmare but this, this is just heartbreaking.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Too Close”

  1. Thoughts and prayers just aren’t cutting it anymore, are they? Our son was at Virginia Tech when they had the shooting there and he’s traumatized every single time he hears of another shooting. It’s senseless and heartbreaking. I’m glad your daughter is safe and I pray for the family of the victims.

    1. I remember your son being at Virginia Tech. It’s a sad club to be a part of. When the kids from other shootings reached out to our community I was so grateful for their support but also felt sick that we are now part of the statistics.

  2. I’ve been thinking about you and your community a lot this week and am sending good thoughts, though it doesn’t fix anything, does it. The irony of gun control legislation being voted down in the Senate as the shooting happened is not lost on me; I just don’t see how the NRA has such control over these politicians. Sigh. Perhaps doing Macbeth will help the students to focus on something else.

    1. California has more laws than other states and yet it’s still an issue. I am at the point where I feel that all students need combat training because nothing seems to change and heck, they have to protect themselves.

  3. The last year I was teaching on one of the last days of the year for me a student walked into Santa Fe High School, the next town over from us, and shot his fellow students. We were on lockdown because the student’s dad lived in our town and it was rumored that there might be shooting at our high school. It was horrifying. A boy, a child really, takes a gun and shoots others. I’m so sorry to hear that it was so close to home for you. I am very glad your daughter was safe. Why do we allow these dangerous weapons to be in the hands of people?

    1. I don’t own a gun myself but I don’t have any issues with those who own guns and are responsible with them. Guns, properly controlled in the home is not the issue. So many of these kids just pick up their parent’s firearm because it’s easy to get to. In this case, there were other guns in the home but they were controlled, the one he used was not registered. We are still not back to normal.

  4. I’m not a gun person, but I have many, many friends who are. I am not against guns. But do we really need to sell assault rifles? I don’t think so. We seem to draw the line at selling nuclear weapons, so could we not move the line a little closer to what is reasonable?

    I’m sorry, Tina; I think I’m ranting. I simply think we go to far in allowing people to have guns.

    In all honesty, I think the same thing about cars. Not everyone should be allowed to have and drive a car.

    Not that either of these safety actions will ever be put into place….

  5. Ti – it’s just awful / I didn’t realize it was so close to you. So glad your daughter is safe. I wish there was more leadership on banning assault weapons but it seems so politicized, bahh. Why. Kids are dying. I send my thoughts your way. I’m visiting with my folks this week in Redlands so I haven’t been online much. But it’s very nice being here.

  6. I can see why you’d be watching the Hallmark Christmas countdown. You need that sappiness right now. That shooting was too close, and they all are to so many of us. It’s an epidemic that needs a cure. I’m not sure what that cure is, but I’m pretty sure giving teachers guns is not the right solution.

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