Goodbye to a Sweet Friend

This is super hard for me to write and I hesitated to do so at all because it’s such sad news but at the same time so many knew her and have been wondering about her. Last weekend, Patty of Books, Thoughts and Adventures passed away.  As you know, she had been battling cancer for a few years now and when I reached out recently to see how she was doing, I was given the news.

Many of us knew her for a very long time. Myself, more than ten years. Through her love of reading, food, and her sweet kitties, we all grew to love Patty. She will be sorely missed.

We have lost bloggers throughout the years but it’s especially hard to see those posts stop. You know?  They become part of a routine. A welcomed routine and then for them to stop, it’s heartbreaking, really. But I am comforted in knowing that she had the best care possible and was so, so loved by her sweet husband and all of her readers.

Her obituary is posted here. If so inclined, donations to a food pantry can be made in her memory. The details are in the obituary listing. Go find a really great book to read in her honor.

20 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Sweet Friend”

  1. This has made me so sad. Patty and I used to text about fashion, books, and her treatments. She’d told me she couldn’t be cured, only treated, but I still thought she had years to go.

    1. We used talk about so many things. She was always trying to find me the perfect gluten free roll recipe for Thanksgiving.

      Her treatments took a lot out of her but she still took an interest in everyone else.

    1. I know what you mean. I knew her situation was serious but I was hopeful, as she was. There’s just something about losing a blogging friend. You really get to know them.

  2. Oh, Ti! I was just thinking yesterday morning that it had been a while since I’d heard from Patty and that I should check in with her. I so looked forward to hearing about her kitties, her outings, and her reading. Thank you for posting the news, and for the link to her obituary.

    1. I heard the news the day of but wanted to give Den a chance to share it first. I’m heartbroken because I never really got to say goodbye. I chatted with her right before she went into the hospital but she didn’t mention it at the time.

  3. I did not know Patty or her struggles, but it is sad to lose a blogger in our community and someone so passionate about many things. Cancer sucks, and I really wish it could be stopped. I hope that she rests well in her new place and feels the love in your post and from everyone who cared for her.

    1. It’s just hard to believe that I’ve known her all this time and never met her but you know how it is with blogging. You really get to know people even when they never meet them face to face.

  4. Our virtual connections through book blogging are strong and it is always sad to hear that one of us has passed. Your post is thoughtful and I am sure her family appreciates the support from bloggers near and far.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. This is the second blogger to be taken by cancer this year. I really hate cancer. Patty sounds like she was amazing person.

    1. I thought Patty and I shared a lot of the same readers but it seems like I was wrong in that regard. She will be sorely missed. I hate to see blog posts just stop, you know?

  6. This is very sad to hear, Ti. Thx for posting this news & her obituary. I did not know of her blog but I went back now & read her posts. So sad she is gone.

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