Sunday Matters: Fun Things Ahead

Sunday Matters

You know how much I hate the commercial aspect of Christmas. I really hate it. I would much rather DO things than get things. Of course, it’s hard to get away from it entirely but this year I am trying to focus a little more on the doing,  and less on the buying/getting.

Right Now:

My son quit one of this jobs to spend more time with the family before he heads to Orlando in January so I am spending a little time with  my calendar today trying to fit some fun things in. We have some things scheduled but he still has the one job to consider and that schedule is not posted far enough ahead, in my opinion, for us to really plan things out the right way but we will try.

Tonight is the high school ministry party. Should be fun!

Later this month we are going to a special holiday lighting event called The Enchanted Forest of Light. Click that link for a video. We go on 12/23 and we are all looking forward to it.

Image result for the enchanted forest of light

This year, we are also picking up where we left off by taking our two special friends to look at Christmas lights. Due to crazy schedules, we could not do it last year so we are happy to be able to do it again this year.

This Week:

My last day of work before the break is Thursday the 14th so I am beginning my countdown today!

My daughter has practices and rehearsals and her choir party this week. We also have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday.

We all got new phones on Cyber Monday since ours were falling apart. My poor daughter couldn’t even make or receive calls or texts. We all went with Google Pixels. I got the XL. It’s been fun listening to audio books right from my phone and not having to download them first to my iPod. I  know, right? I was really roughing it. I expect to up my game this week with audio books so I can possibly make my reading goal this year.


I am still reading The Visitors by Catherine Burns. It’s a little odd.

I finished The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin for book club and it was lovely. I plan to post my review sometime this week.

Next up, Manhattan Beach.


The Walking Dead finale is tonight. It better be good. The teaser I saw looked pretty tense but it could also be a big hot mess depending on how they handle it.

As for Christmas movies we’ve seen Christmas with the Kranks and Christmas Vacation will probably be the next one up. I like to watch that one more than once during the holidays.


I will be making an apricot glazed ham with baked beans for the party I am going to.  We haven’t had tacos in a while so maybe I’ll make those one night.

Grateful for:

Great books, happy people, people who have a knack for just listening and being there for you, great food lovingly prepared, candlelit dinners, all the people who make me laugh.  Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Fun Things Ahead”

  1. It’s more doing than buying for us this year, too, and so far I love it. I’m wavering on Manhattan Beach, so am glad you’re giving it a try… your opinion will help me make a decision!

    1. Actual readers seem to not like Manhattan Beach. I’ve heard good things but from literary critics. I am anxious to find out for myself what they are all talking about.

    1. I’ve heard various opinions on Manhattan Beach. Literary critics seem to love it. Readers seem to not know what to make of it. I guess I’ll find out!

  2. The light forest looks amazing. I know what you mean about gifts vs doing things with people…lately I am really over presents. Really…I loved AJ Fikry…loved it and her other book…Young Jane Young…

  3. Did you have iPhones prior to this? If you did, I’m curious what you think of the difference between the two. I’m so tired of Apple deliberating making their phones to last less than two years, and it kills me to say that.

    Your plans sound lovely! I hope the fires are well under control by you so that you continue to stay safe and also so that you can enjoy your remaining time with E.

    1. My previous personal phone was Android based too but I use the iOS platform for work and I feel like Google and Android are far superior in consistency and reliability. A lot of what I use is Google already (Chrome, Drive, Keep) so getting the Pixel was a no brainer.

      1. C has been an avid Android supporter since he started becoming cognizant of computer systems. Almost everything I own at home is Apple, so the syncing and integration between devices was always appealing. But, their phones don’t do anything for me anymore. It might be time to make a switch.

  4. I’m right with you on the idea of giving an experience instead of more “stuff” for Christmas. I need to plan this better for next year.

    I did a bit of cooking today for the week ahead. Last week my oldest daughter was so irritated that she had no leftovers to take for lunch. We didn’t even have bread. So today I made cheeseburger soup and a pan of manicotti. We have things every single night this week, so I am hoping that people will heat up some of these items for their meals as well.

    1. My daughter is a really healthy eater and we are about 80% of the time. This has posed problems because on the nights where that other 20% comes in she doesn’t want to eat at all even though we can usually strip something down for her to keep it healthy. Honestly, we should all eat like her but my husband would balk.

  5. Yes, Christmas does feel like its all about stuff and not about the people or memories you make with them. I’m focusing on that part instead of the material side, too 🙂 All of your plans sound awesome! And the countdown is on for your days off to begin – Enjoy!!

    Ti, TWD! I read about what happened? Did you see that coming? Wow! Did not expect that to happen! Let me know what you think!?!

    1. Re: TWD

      Yes!! I predicted it last week. I was just surprised at how choppy the episode was and then it looked like it had ended without anything going on. They revealed it at the very last second.

  6. For years I’ve always wanted to do things instead of get things. Spending time with my kids and grandkids is the most important thing to me. I’ll be waiting to read your thoughts on Manhattan Beach.

  7. Hi Ti, how was the finale of Walking Dead? I missed the whole season. Was it worth it? You’ll be done with work soon this week; Enjoy the holiday season!

  8. Sounds like your son has his priorities in order there. Wonderful! Wow, Pixel phones…I see the commercials, but haven’t thought about it much. My phone is going great, so far. I hope that continues. I really hate getting a new phone.

    My last day of work for the year is Dec. 21; and I cannot tell you how much I need a break and time to destress.

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