Sunday Matters: Another Show with School to Follow

Sunday Matters

I missed last week’s Sunday post because we celebrated my son’s 19th birthday and I was too tired to write one. A day at a theme park is super fun but my legs felt broken afterward. I think we all had a good time though.

This Monday we are in production week for Grease with two shows on Friday and  two on Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing it. The Girl has a duet. She is VERY excited about it.

After the show, we get a little bit of a breather and then just like that, school starts on August 10th. We’ve done very little back-to-school shopping so that will have to be worked in somewhere.

Right Now:

Lots of coffee drinking going on at the moment. Also, trying to figure out which Passion Planner I will buy for 2018. They go on sale August 1 and have loads of colors to choose from this time. I am torn between the blue, the rose gold and the harvest yellow.

This Week:

My focus besides the show will be cleaning out closets and the garage. Anytime my kids no longer want something, it ends up in the garage. The garage has officially reached disaster status.

Oh, and after 20 years of automatic renewals, I have to go to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. My picture is so old, it looks nothing like me and probably hasn’t for at least 15 years so I suppose it would be good to get a new one.


I started A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass and it’s really slow. If you’ve read it, does it pick up? I am 10% in.  Because it’s on the slow side, I am starting Into the Water by Paula Hawkins as well.


I’m not watching much. I get too distracted and start cleaning out drawers. It’s what I do when inevitably someone changes the channel to the news. The headlines are plenty. I don’t need more of it at home.


I am not hungry for anything. No cravings. Nothing sounds good. This does not bode well in the cooking department. I think The Girl has had cereal for dinner three times this week.

Grateful for:

Remember my crazy allergic reaction that gave me swollen lips for two weeks straight? Well, I still cannot wear lipstick of any kind but I can now wear a tinted balm from Burt’s Bees. The scar that resulted from my lips splitting is almost gone. So, I am grateful for that colored balm even though I still look like a corpse because the color is so light.

I don’t know what that will look like on my license photo. Probably not good.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Another Show with School to Follow”

  1. I wish I could come up with a solution for you. Even in the midst of Big Chemo…I still wore bright lip colors. Mac ‘s glossy stick is my new fave. Good luck!

    1. It’s really weird. I haven’t been able to pinpoint a common ingredient to test for. Many have different oils but even the quantity of said oil could be a problem. I am okay with sunflower oil if only a little bit of it is used but if I cooked something in it then I’d have a problem with it. I just can’t figure it out.

  2. And I thought school started early around here! Happy belated birthday to your son – my turned 30 yesterday (gasp!)

    Our driver’s licenses come up for renewal this year too – it’s a big deal for us when we live somewhere long enough to renew our license.

    1. Happy Birthday to your son!

      Yeah, it’s not like I go to the DMV often. I mean, the last time I went was over 20 years ago but I don’t think much has changed.

  3. Wow, school starts early there!! Can’t believe how summers pass so quickly. My daughter is sensitive to a lot of cosmetics, too, but has been able to wear Burt’s Bees tinted balm without a problem.

    1. Even Burt’s bothered me at first but now that whatever I had in my system is completely out of my system, I can tolerate it.

      Yes!! School starts early here and I am not ready for the long homework nights or the many nights of arguing over assignments vs. other things. I know she is starting high school and I should lay off but she is my little distraction queen.

      1. It was wonderful. I read. I slept. I ate – but not as much as I expected. I sat on the beach or in the pool. We all came back very tan, relaxed, and ready to come home.

        1. There is something magical about sitting by a pool of water. I’m glad you had a great time. As soon as this show is over I hope to hit the beach at least one more time before school is in full swing.

          1. Hopefully, you can! I have been trying to convince my husband we need a pool because the day I spent floating in it and reading was probably one of the most peaceful days I’ve had. He isn’t convinced yet.

  4. Booooo to going to the DMV! I wish you a very painless DMV trip! I hope that your number or whatever gets called early? (I don’t know how your DMV works.) And that you end up with a beautiful ID picture.

    1. Haha. I made an appointment for the DMV but it’s been over 20 years since I walked into one. I have no idea how it works. My son said that even with an appt you still have to wait in the appt line first.

  5. This whole lip thing is crazy! I hope your lip heals quickly. And I hope the DMV is painless; we were there recently for Sophia’s license test and it just took so looooooooong. 🙂

    1. I hope the DMV is not too bad when I go. I have an appt but it butts up against high school registration so time is a factor for sure.

      My lip. I am just allergic to everything I guess. I was tempted to try lipstick again the other day but decided not to. One it begins to swell it just takes way too long for it to go down.

  6. Good luck with the Grease shows. Have they already happened, or this weekend? Wow a duet, that’s big

    1. Grease shows happened this past weekend. Mostly good but her mic went out when we had tickets to see her. Last show. Mic issues all throughout. Very frustrating. I could hear her a little bit because we were only 5 rows back but ugh!! I could have died.

  7. August 10? Good golly that’s early! Although ours start not much later. I hate when school is back in session because my commute is suddenly 30% longer, time-wise. But I don’t miss the process of getting kids ready and that first week of adjusting back to the school year.

    I have read 2 or 3 Julia Glass books and have decided she is just an author that doesn’t work for me. Hope you had better luck.

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