Sunday Matters: Yes, It’s Me! On a Sunday!

Sunday Matters

I bet you all thought I’d given up on Sunday posts. Nope. My Macbook picked up the Adobe Flash virus that was supposedly addressed long ago in one of the security updates but they lied. It was a nasty, bugger of a thing and took no less than four weeks to find and fix,  I work in Information Technology so this was like a slap in the face.

Right Now:

I am just getting my day started. First up, coffee. Then, church, volunteer/leader training at church, then middle-school ministry. Tonight, not much. Hopefully we can just relax a little although there is a math test The Girl needs to study for.

This Week:

Classes start for The Teen and classes also start at the university I work at. I have a few things on the calendar this week including back-to-school night. It will be busy but not too bad.

I am also looking for a new car. My beloved Honda is approaching the 200K mark. I am loyal to Honda but drove a Subaru and was impressed. I really don’t know what to get now.


I am reading The Girls in the Garden for an upcoming tour and it’s really good. 


I finished Stranger Things and loved it. All the hype is true. Get on over to Netflix and jump in.


Hmmm. We’ve been grabbing takeout a lot. Not a fan of too much takeout but one has to go to the market if one wants to cook something at home. The market. Ugh. Not sure what I’ll make this week as I don’t have time to hit the store.

Grateful for:

Family time. We are always doing our own thing but it’s nice when we do come together for a meal or a quick drive to the beach, etc.

What are you up to today?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Yes, It’s Me! On a Sunday!”

  1. Glad to see you back. I was wondering but thought it just might be life. Sometimes that interferes, pesky thing. 😉 We loved Stranger Things too and just finished The Get Down, which was good too, but not as good as Stranger Things. Today? In theory, reading. In reality, napping. 🙂

  2. Having the adult kids and grandkids over to swim. Doing it early since showers are expected later on today. Still watching out for the unnamed storm getting ready to come into the Gulf. Then off to finish THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.

  3. At least with one out of high school, you have less stress during the school year. We have Music in the Park tonight and will eat from the food truck that’s coming.

  4. We’ve been NISSAN fans since 1987 but my husbands son works for Subaru corporate and could get us 2% below dealer cost so last Sept I got a 2016 Outback. I like the car but hate the fact my 2007 NISSAN had a push bottom start and this uses a key!! Subaru S are also noisy cars because of the Boxer engine, and IMO overpriced – almost 31,000. They do retain their value better than any other car. I know I sound like I hate it but, for 9,000 less I could have had a nice NISSAN Rogue! 😬😬😬😬

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  5. I drive a Subaru now, and really like my car. It’s got a lot of pickup speed to it. We’ll be going to see the new Star Trek movie this afternoon if we can get everyone to coordinate their schedules.

    I am in the middle of reading now – FICTION – The Visitors by Sally Beauman – NONFICTION – Babel No More: The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners by Michael Erard

    Tomorrow will be the first day back at school. My son is going into 8th grade. He can’t wait to get back into the social routine there!

    1. Thanks for the car feedback 😉

      Hope your son has a great first day. My daughter is in 8th now and it’s been a smooth transition to becoming an upper classman. Out here, high starts at 9th so one more year.

  6. With the start of a new teaching year, and all the heat and busy-ness that brings, we’ve been eating out a lot, too. Lean Cuisines are a good alternative, but they never taste as good! 😉

    1. I wish Lean Cuisines were an option for me. I have food allergies now but I remember how convenient there were and pretty filling if paired with a small salad or piece of fruit. Today I have canned soup for lunch because our campus will be packed to the gills with freshman looking for food. BUT, of course, the soup does not sound appealing in 100 degree weather.

  7. Sounds like it is getting back to busy times. We’ve eaten a lot of take out as well, and I hate that. I prefer to eat meals at home, but I did find time on Sunday to make pickles! We’ve had a boon in the cucumber department in the garden. 🙂 I hope to catch up on a lot of the things I’ve let fall behind now that I have the rest of today to myself without work and my kiddo at Kindergarten all day!

  8. God, Adobe Flash is the worst program in the world. Except, no, that honor has to go to Adobe Digital Editions. I hope PhotoShop is legitimately the greatest thing ever invented, because Adobe’s really phoning it in with all their other stuff. Not that I’m bitter.

    Good luck with the car hunt! Just about everyone in my family has moved to a Honda Fit in the last few years, and we all love our cars. They have nearly five cubic feet of storage in the back!

    1. Honda Fit? I’ve not seen one but I just looked it up and it’s so cute. My son would totally go for that one. I need more room but I am downsizing from an Odyssey so… I can’t go too small or I will go crazy probably.

  9. Good luck with car shopping! That is my husband’s favorite thing to do. Granted, he does all of his homework ahead of time and goes into the dealerships just to drive the salespeople insane. It is like watching a master chef at work.

    I hope the week is going smoothly for you. How has the Teen adjusted to not being in high school?

  10. I am glad you got that virus taken care of. Those things are nasty. I hope school got off to a good start for everyone. Mouse is doing well. She’s a little weepy at drop off in the mornings, but settles in pretty quickly and ends up enjoying her day. My husband’s taking it hard (he does the drop offs) because he hates leaving her sad.

    I am on episode seven or so of Stranger Things and really enjoying it.

    Do you have any plans for the weekend? I’m not sure yet what we’ll be up to. Likely nothing special.I’m just looking forward to the long weekend. Have a great rest of the week!

    1. I saw the first day of school pics. I bet she is loving it. The drop off is harder for us.

      My plans for the week are up in the air. It’s my bday weekend but I am also shopping for a car. I hope to get that started tonight and finished on Friday but you know how that goes. I really do not want to do it on my bday weekend. I would love to grab a nice meal and see a play or something but I have to see how it goes tonight.

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