Sunday Matters: Heat Wave

Sunday Matters

After a very mild spring, we are having a heat wave. My house has been neglected these past few weeks because of the flurry of activity that always seems to hit me at the end of the year so staying inside to tidy-up doesn’t sound all that bad today.

Last night, the Teen and I volunteered to work A Night to Remember, a free prom honoring students with special needs. I worked food detail and the Teen was a student host to one of the honored guests. It was a blast!!

Right Now:

I’ve not been able to attend church these past few weeks because of the award show we attended and being out-of-town for Memorial Day so today we head back to church and I am so looking forward to it.  Also looking forward to seeing my middle-school group tonight, even though Justin Cronin decided to do a book signing when I was not available to go. I’ll forgive him.

This Week:

I have nothing after work this week except a girl’s night out. This will probably be the only time ever I will get to write a sentence like this one.


I am really making an effort to get through my review copies and it’s paying off. I am currently reading Zero K by Don DeLillo and it’s reminding me of a couple of books (Never Let Me Go and The New World). It’s a fast read so far and I am anxious to see where the story goes.

I am also reading two bigger books, which is why I haven’t made too much progress with either of them: The City of Mirrors and The Fireman. Actually, with the latter, I just started it.



I’ve not seen anything good and I am very behind on all of the shows I watch (Fear the Walking Dead, Bates Motel). My TV watching time is Sunday nights and Sundays have been busy for me but I should have plenty of time now.


I am not really in a cooking mood but since the kids are home and schedules are manageable now, I feel the need to cook a meal or two. Maybe lasagna?  Grilled chicken salads? I haven’t a clue. I would be happy just eating bread, good cheese and fruit but that gluten-free thing messes me up every time.

Grateful for:

The friends I’ve made through theatre, choir and track and yes… church! I always have this super-busy schedule but every time I show up to volunteer for something, I have happy faces around me to keep me entertained. This is why I volunteer. Not only to help my kids out, or the school out, or even the church out… but to meet in real-time, have conversations and do something for someone else.

IT FEELS GOOD. I highly recommend it.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Heat Wave”

  1. Friends of ours worked a prom like that here a few months ago and said it was wonderful – the best prom they’d ever been to, in fact. Enjoy the quiet week!!!

    1. This prom was just so special on so many levels. I had the best time but my body feels like a truck hit it! I was dancing all over the place.

  2. I was wondering what A Night to Remember was. I saw you mention on it on Facebook a few times and thought, “Hmmm, what is that?” How cool for you and The Teen.

    You’ve probably already made your food, but I vote for grilled chicken salads. 🙂

    1. We just got back from church and a couple if hours I go back to church to volunteer and then a baby shower so the Hub is going to pick something up. Not sure what. I will have exactly ten minutes to eat between things.

      That prom was very special to so many people. The outfits were donated, they got their hair and makeup done and each guest had a student host/escort for the entire night. Some of these kids have never experienced an event like this. They even had paparazzi and a party bus!

  3. Enjoy the quiet week!! I am still very behind on my review copy reading but I have paused it for now because I have been going through review copy burnout and need to reading something that’s not a review copy. Strange, I know!

    I am also very behind on my TV shows. I didn’t catch a single episode of FTWD Season 2 yet.

    1. You didn’t miss anything with FTWD. They just can’t figure out what they want to do with that show. One episode is good, then the next one blows. It’s a weak, very weak, fill-in for what we are all waiting for this October.

  4. That prom sounds like so much fun – that’s great you and the Teen volunteered. Enjoy your quiet week – you deserve it! I have the DeLillo on my kindle, but haven’t gotten to it yet. City of Mirrors was sooooo good! You are really going to like it. I just couldn’t get into The Fireman, but I’m going to try it again later this year. Right now I’m rereading the Bill Hodges books since the new one comes out tomorrow – hurrah! The only TV I watch lately is Real Housewives and I saw the first episode of Preacher, but not sure if I’ll stick with it. Have a great week!

    1. I know! King’s book comes out tomorrow. I keep checking my library for the listing but so far it’s not in there.

    2. I forgot about Preacher. It looks good when I saw the preview but I’m not sure I am present enough to starts a new series at the moment.

  5. Hahaha, I cannot comprehend your schedule. I can only watch in awe and admiration. Have fun at your girls’ night out! I am having my weekly Bachelorette-viewing party with some of my girlfriends tonight — I’m cooking breakfast-for-dinner and my brother-in-law’s making screwdrivers for everyone — so that promises to be a lot of fun. Spending time with friends is the BEST.

  6. Yay for fun sentences like “I have nothing after work this week except a girl’s night out. This will probably be the only time ever I will get to write a sentence like this one.” I hope you were able to take FULL advantage of it. (I think I have a week like this in July. I can’t wait!)

    So, what did you make? I haven’t touched a pan or pot other than to wash them in three weeks and counting, so I feel like I should live vicariously through others.

    1. I don’t think I made anything that night!! I can’t remember what we got though. This week I’ve had to run out of the house for camp stuff. I bought stuff for our spirit day and then was told it was supposed to be green or yellow. Oops. I bought blue stuff. Then for some reason no one had bug spray. So I had to go to three different big box stores to find some. The girl needed one piece suits for camp and there are literally non in her size that don’t look questionable so we found a couple in the kids section that will suffice and didn’t look too babyish. Ugh. Then last night something was wrong with my dog. She wasn’t feeling well and insisted on sleeping on my head and then prancing all over the bed. She did this all night long. Today she was perky and wagging her tail but she looks droopy. I look droopy. Still look droopy after two cups of strong coffee, too.

  7. We’ve had dinner last week with some friends who eat gluten- and dairy-free, so I had to get creative while hunting for fare. Found a raw vegan restaurant nearby that also delivered and I’ve got to say: their sunflower-seed “feta” was the creamiest I’ve had. We decided we should order in from these people again, even though we never really bothered to try the gluten-free way. Are you allergic or just against it on principle?
    I think it’s very generous of you to forgive Mr. Cronin – I’m sure he would agree as well 😉
    A Night To Remember sounds like a lot of fun! You – and the Teen – are awesome ❤

    1. I have Celiac so I am forced to skip gluten in all forms. Some things can be made gluten free easily. Pasta has come a long, long way. I have three brands that taste like the real deal. Some breads are better than others but pizza… pizza hasn’t evolved enough for me to enjoy it.

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