Neverwhere Read Along

Neverwhere Read Along button.

I am crazy for read alongs this month! Here is another read along I joined. I’ve never read Gaiman before. Hard to believe, I know. Nancy was talking about reading the book on Facebook and I decided the best way to finally get to this author is to read him with others.

Head over to Bookfoolery for details! It’s super casual and runs through the month of October.

Will you be joining us?

8 thoughts on “Neverwhere Read Along”

  1. Audible may still have the BBC dramatization of this available, as narrated by James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and a stellar cast. You should check it out if this is a reread for you. It is amazing.

  2. Not exactly sure how a “read along” works, but if it’s how I think it works, it sounds like a really nice alternative to an in-person book club which I find difficult to work into my busy schedule.

    1. Betty, exactly right!

      We decide to read a particular book as a group and we comment using Twitter and sometimes Facebook. If you use Twitter, you can search #SalemAlong to see some sample tweets. We are so silly 😉

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