Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL) – Part One

Atlas Shrugged Part One

It’s the summer of the chunkster! A group of us decided to read Atlas Shrugged (#AtlasRAL) this summer and we have hit our first milestone which was to complete part one of this ginormous book.

Non-Contradiction: states that something cannot be both true and not true at the same time when dealing with the same context.

First, a few thoughts:

  • Strong characters from one end of the spectrum to the other.
  • Greed is a theme, as is the complete opposite of greed. Apparently, it’s better to build a crappy product that serves many than a superior product that serves only a few.
  • Profit is bad. Profit is good. Depends on who you ask.
  • Human beings are really just animals when you remove their worldly goods.
  • It’s a battle of the mind versus body.
  • When people don’t know the answer to a question, they come back with another question, “Who is John Galt?” It’s mentioned over and over again. I’m anxious for this to be explained.

Atlas Shrugged RAL

Question to ponder:

What’s  going on with the intellectuals in this book? Are they losing their minds?

Initial reactions:

I have to admit, I am intrigued with the book. It’s fascinating to spend time with these people. For me, the part one flew by even though the chapters are on the long side.

If you need a page breakdown of the book, click here for a visual.

For those reading with me, what are your thoughts so far?

Next up, read part two by July 31st.

19 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL) – Part One”

  1. It is utterly fascinating. At first, I was getting bogged down by all the passive-aggressive contradictory thoughts but either she is getting clearer or I’m “coming along”, not sure. And, again, as all historical fiction does to me, I am struck that there really never has been any “good ol’ days” – that politicians and greed and stupid people have been around forever.

    1. It’s true. Stupid people will always exist.  I was worried I’d have a hard time getting back into it with the two book – one week break I took but nope.. fell right back in. 

  2. Doing well, Ti! Keep at it – it sounds like you’re having a good time, you brave little soul, you! 🙂

    1.  Brave to take it on, but now that I am into it, it’s just a good read. Lots of material to get the brain working. Let’s see how I feel by the end. i heard there is a 70+ page speech to look forward to. 

  3. I am so intrigued by it that I couldn’t stop after reading Part I. I thought it’s a very well-thought story that takes place in dystopian America. It’s a lot of greed and manipulation. Nut it’s more than just greed. There’s something that brushes the fray of my mind when I’m reading it. Is it limiting monopoly or just plain sabotaging one’s success? There’s always two sides to a story. But Part I lays down the philosophical foundation that is, at this stage, obscure. Talented people vanish without a trace—motor inventor, banker, engineer, musician. But why? “Who’s John Galt?”

    My thoughts on Part I

    1. There is a forced element of “sameness” isn’t there? No one can succeed or be innovative without punishment. Dagny seems to figure out workarounds quickly but only to be hit with a new set of challenges. I know you are further along and probably know some of the answers to the mysterious happenings but right now, I am just hanging on every word. 

      1. Yes, a sameness like the ideal of Communism. Everyone is entitled to the same share, same profit, same gain. At the end of the day it’s a gang of entrenched mediocrity that juggle the laws against someone who is productive and successful. In other word, he is punished for his virtue.

  4. JUST finished part one and I had to take a break to chill. I got so emotional I was ready to throw my phone in anger, heh. I don’t know how any of them are going to get out of this mess. I’m also scared it’s going to get worse (and I can’t think how, so that’s extra frightening!). Though I like Eddie still, I worry about who he’s talking to and I’m like “OMG Eddie SHUSH!” whenever he eats and chats in the cafeteria.

    I am so glad you set up this RAL, I am really enjoying this book, and I think so far I’ll be rereading it for sure. I just hope the rest doesn’t crush my spirit just by reading this stuff, omg.

    1. It’s weird, because at times I think Rand is for the underdog and other times I feel like she’s for the greed-mongers. She’s all for capitalism so I am guessing it’s all for show but man… I go from one extreme to the other. And yes, Eddie!! Hanging out in cafeteria running his mouth. 

    1. I know the class has your attention right now. As it should! So don’t worry about the reading. If you get to it, great! If not, no worries.

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  5. I love the Atlas love that is occurring! It isn’t a very popular book these days, which I just don’t understand because the story is so amazing. I am thoroughly enjoying your questions and comments but have been keeping quiet for fear of giving something away. Enjoy Part II!

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