Fan Ambassador – Oh Yes!!!

Fan Ambassador

Do I look happy in this photo?? That is because I am!! I am so freakin’ happy because I was chosen to be a fan ambassador for Murakami’s new book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. You may remember that the quote card contest did not go well for me. Ahem. Right after that, I entered this other contest to be a fan ambassador and I got word yesterday that I’d been chosen! They didn’t really define what an ambassador was but I am interpreting it as “super fan” and I am most definitely that (and then some).

Colorless Tsukuru and his Years of Pilgrimage

I won a signed copy of the new book and I get four copies of Norwegian Wood to hand out. As so many of you know, I love this author and I was so sad when I wasn’t chosen to receive a review copy but this makes up for it! I am about 20% into the Kindle version and I am completely absorbed by the story.

Anyway, thanks so much for all of your quote card contest votes and putting up with my daily blathering on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. Once I get the books, I will host a giveaway.

Happy Friday!

31 thoughts on “Fan Ambassador – Oh Yes!!!”

    1. Murakami is so popular in the US now. It’s sort of amazing, actually. You should give him a try. I’ve noticed a subtle shift in his writing with his last two books. His style is changing a little bit. Not nearly as avant garde as his earlier books. 


  1. Congrats! I have to say, I saw his book in the bookstore and it looks good. I’ve been wanting to try him for a while but am not a fan of magical realism. I get the sense that’s kind of his thing.

    1. A lot of readers say that…that they are intimidated by him but his writing is very approachable. The themes he hits on we can all relate to as readers but his ideas are sometimes very out there. At first, it’s alarming but then it settles over you and  for a lot of readers, that is what they return for again and again, that sense of being shaken up a bit. I guarantee you, if you are ever in a reading rut, he can pull you out of it. 

      I suggest his short stories to start or one of his shorter novels if you are just trying to get a feel for him. Maybe, After Dark.  If you want the full experience, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle of Kafka on the Shore. Two of my faves. 


    2. I agree completely with Ti. Murakami is quite approachable and will pull you in again and again. I’m never sure why people think he is intimidating? My boyfriend is a new convert to Murakami; I started him out on After Dark and he’s hooked. He said Murakami is on his way to being one of his favorites if not THE favorite.

      Start with After Dark or his short stories to get your feet wet, and then yes, move toward his meatier works like Wind-up Bird. I’m fond of Sputnik Sweetheart.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I know how much you love this author (and Stephen King)! You certainly deserve this, and more! Looking forward to hearing what the ambassadorship is about.

    1. I think the ambassador thing is just a fancy name for super fan. I think they just wanted to make the giveaway special.  I talk about him all the time, as you know, so I was an ambassador for the book already!


  3. Right, you won’t be doing anything any different than normal. It is just nice that you got the recognition that you deserve. I don’t get the review copy thing, but people are total idiots if they can’t see that ANY Murakami ARC would be best in your hands.

    1. OMG. You know how upset I was over not getting an ARC. I felt like I got run over by a car or something. 


  4. I’m so glad everything worked out for you! You got a signed copy and get a personal title with it. I say that’s a lot better!

    The other contest and what happened makes my blood boil.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to start the new book. I already have it but have a couple reviews to finish first. I am going to buy another copy soon for collectors sake. It’s such a cute size and I love the cover. I know it’s going to be in my top five favorite books list. I love Murakami so much.

    Again congrats! Honest people do win in the end 😀

    1. What you said there at the end about honesty, I really got so mad when some of the other participants jumped on that bandwagon. I mean, I wanted it too but wow. I am very glad this other route worked out for me and yes, it’s better because I get the signed copy and some books to giveaway too. 

      I want to also get the copy that has the stickers in it with the white cover. You can see both covers on the Book Depository site. I guess the white cover version is the UK version. It’s really good but a little quiet for a Murakami. I am 40% in but the characters are very interesting. 


  5. The other ambassadors had better up their game because you are a SUPER fan if ever I’ve seen one. What a great story of keeping at it and having things work out for the better!

  6. Yay for you! I am thinking for all the promoting you do of this author and for the book love you give him, you should get a free signed copy of all his books!

  7. I found it quite bizarre when I saw the people who DID receive his book for review. Some were reading him for the very first time. Ahhh, book blogging. *rolls eyes*

    1. I know!! Of the reviews I’ve read, all of them said they were reading him for the first time. Maybe  they wanted a fresh take but that is a crap shoot because his stuff can turn you off too if you aren’t prepared for the writing. I like to warn people that it’s a little strange and out there, but very thought provoking.  This new book though is more mainstream. I wonder if it’s the translation or if he is becoming more Westernized. He speaks perfect English. I keep waiting for him to write in English. Can you imagine? His books probably take on a whole new meaning if read in the language they were written in. 


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