For me, football means FOOD!

Super Bowl 48
Photo Credit: Sports Insights

I am not a huge football fan, but I do understand the game a little better since we’ve been going to the high school games. And who can ignore all the yummy football food that seems to go hand in hand with the game? That said, what are you all doing for the Super Bowl? Will you be watching? I DO enjoy the commercials. Maybe a little more than the game itself but that’s okay. It’s fun to get together and eat like crazy people.

We are heading to my in-law’s house for the game. She’s making required food such as hot dogs and chili and I am bringing a tray of chicken enchiladas, some bacon wrapped smokies and some Philly cheesesteak pockets I saw on Pinterest. Yummy! I have to bring extra food because The Teen will blow through it all in no time if I don’t.

Chicken Enchiladas
Photo Credit: Cassie Craves

I have been craving enchiladas for a really long time. I have no recipe. I just sort of throw it all together. I will use corn tortillas instead of flour, to accommodate my gluten-free diet but drenched in a sour cream cheese sauce, it won’t matter. It will be good!

If you plan to watch the game, what food will you be enjoying on game day?

If I have to pick a team, I’ll go with the Seattle.


12 thoughts on “For me, football means FOOD!”

  1. Usually I have food planned in advance, but not this week. Work has been crazy for the last month. I’m just trying to get through each day alive and breathing at this point. I hope to have some chili and maybe some wings.

    1. Well, we don’t even have milk in the house right now. I just can’t keep up with these kids! Their appetites are unreal. I spend about $300 every time I go to the store and the food is gone three days later.

      So, tonight or early tomorrow I have to go to the market but I hate going for the cost of it alone.


  2. The Chairman of my husband’s company always has a party. It is a tiny bit insane…it is in a “garage” where the guy stores all of his classic cars, but also has a full kitchen and about four big screen TVs. Way way cool. And lots of food, nothing of which is on my diet. I just better plan on walking 10 miles to accommodate for my sins that night. I’m going to take pictures, and send them to you. You will just DIE when you see these cars.

  3. I haven’t really paid much attention to football over the past ten years or so. Somehow, I’ve turned from a football and baseball fan into a hockey fan, so I am more obsessed with that now. This Sunday will be spent at home, and we haven’t planned what we’ll be eating, but enchiladas do sound good! I’m not very talented in the kitchen without a recipe, so I will be diligently reviewing Pinterest. Have fun this weekend!

  4. We’ve hosted too many parties lately; husband promised me a quiet “just us” SuperBowl – we always make soup for the towns represented. I love the soup we make for Seattle!

  5. I find the flour tortillas easier to work with but really like the extra flavor the corn adds so tortillas might be one area you’re gaining in by being gluten free!

  6. We watched the game this weekend with friends and tons of good food. My husband fried a turkey as well as some chicken drums. The turkey was delicious! But, when I see your enchiladas, I really start craving that goodness! I love some good enchiladas!!

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